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Please Note: If you are not a Platinum member and you already have the address of the woman please click here to use the Express Mail system in order not to be charged again for the address (if you do not have an existing Express Mail account you will have to open one prior to sending the E-mail)

Send your letters and or photos via the E-mail Forwarding system now! This shortcut allows you to quickly send you letter via our network of foreign offices, even though she may not have her own personal E-mail account. Many of the women do not have their own E-mail, thus by using the E-mail Forwarding service your letter will reach the woman in just a matter of a day or two. If you are already a Platinum member you will not be charged for the address, if not, there is an additional $9.00 charge for the address, which will also be E-mailed to you for your records, as well as your own use in the future (if she does have an E-mail address it will be included, along with the postal address). The cost of the service is just $5.95 per page, (3,500 characters), and includes the translation of the letter. We do not charge by page after the 1st page, but by line (prorated @ .12 per line). So, if you have just a few lines on the last page, you will not be charged for a full page. The prices per line are the same for letters sent by the women. Each photo is $3.50. The woman can also respond back to you using the same E-mail Forwarding system. For a full description of the E-mail Forwarding Service please click here.

If the woman does respond to you via the Express Mail Service you will be sent an E-mail advising you that you have a response waiting. You have the option of us translating the response (if necessary) and E-mailing it directly to you or instructing the woman to simply correspond with you using the regular postal service. The fee to translate and E-mail her response to you is only $5.95 per page, (3,500 characters). If you decide to receive her response via the Express Mail service, you will be requested to deposit funds on your account to cover the costs of the correspondence, should you not already hold a positive balance in your account. The minimum deposit is $50.00, you can close the account at any time and we will refund the remaining balance to your card. If you have any questions concerning this service, please call (602) 553-8178