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The amount of Ethiopian brides at different matrimonial agencies and matrimonial services is not so large, which makes difficult to find them. Nevertheless, they are still joining them every day. Getting married to a foreigner is a dream for many of them. Therefore, if you are interested in making one of them your future wife, do not waste your time. You have great chances to get an Ethiopian bride for you.

Ethiopian mail-order brides are being very popular among the international dating communicate as they have all the needed features that make them perfect girlfriends and wives. Western bachelors interested in dating these mail-order brides have been lucky as you can easily meet and date women from Ethiopia on online matrimonial services where these single females are looking for parters to develop romantic relationship with. Just choose a reliable matrimonial service and let your romantic journey begin!

Best Sites to Meet Mail Order Brides

Ethiopian Women Dating

Choosing a legit and effective mail-order brides dating site may be hard, however this article would help you as we selected the most effective tips on how to attract and win Ethiopian women on online dating sites. All you need to do is to create an online dating account, complete your online dating profile and start communication with other users of the matrimonial service.

It is important to find someone who will stay with you for the rest of your life. If you want to win an Ethiopian mail order bride for yourself, you have two options. The first one is to get help from matrimonial agencies. The second one is to visit Ethiopia. It is a tenth-largest country in Africa that is landlocked. Also, it has highlands that are surrounded by dessert in lowlands. It has a wonderful culture and people.

In recent years, more and more Ethiopian singles start trying to find men abroad. The reason is inequality that manifests in everything. Right now Ethiopian wife is responsible for all domestic chores while the husband is working and goes out and has a better social life. Even when women have their careers, Ethiopian brides also need to take care of everyone at home. As a result, a great number of Ethiopian girls for marriage go to matrimonial agencies and matrimonial services. Ethiopian brides want to find someone who will consider them as equal. Pretty Ethiopian girls do not afraid of working hard.

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Appearance of Ethiopian Women For Marriage 

It is difficult to describe all the features of a country with more than 100 million residents. Ethiopian brides are very diverse. From light brown to dark shades of skin. Hair colors are mostly dark and often curly. If to speak about body shape, it varies. Ethiopians are average in height and can be slim and curvy in an attractive way. The dark eye color is also the most predominant in this country. Each Ethiopian bride wants to look the best in profile at some matrimonial service. Therefore, Ethiopian brides do not hesitate to use makeup. It is not too dense, it just helps to highlight their natural beauty. Speaking about clothes, they follow fashion. As attending social events is an essential part of their lives, Ethiopian brides know how to dress properly.

What Should You Know Before Dating Ethiopian Women?

When you actually thinking about starting dating someone far away, it is recommended by different matrimonial services to learn more about traits of character. It is true that each person is different. However, some features are predominant for the people of one country due to cultural and historical aspects. From the very beginning, Ethiopian women for marriage are different from European, Asian, Slavic and oversea brides.


Ethiopian brides are quite conservative. It is all due to traditions that family plays an important role in the life of every member. Mostly the oldest person makes most of the serious decisions. When it comes to dating, Ethiopian girls do not hurry to bring together parents and boyfriends. If the same has happened to you, do not worry. It just needs some time to become confident that your relationships are serious to move to this step.

This conservative trait may also be seen in the dating process. Ethiopian brides are not so easy to approach what makes them more desirable. Every single woman wants to show that it is not so simple to win her. However, they are always open to meet new people and become friends.

Another side of Ethiopian being conservative is being calm. In communication, Ethiopian brides are very attentive listeners and Ethiopian brides like discussions. You will never get bored while traveling as there always will be some interesting conversations. In the case of some argue, these brides will not be screaming at you in public places.

Interested in Marriage

Ethiopian families play a very important role in the everyday life of these people. Their bounds are very strong and members always ready to help others. There is a strong gender division of responsibilities. Men are breadwinners and perform hard work. Wives mostly care about household. The spend the free time also differently. Men have more time for socializing. In addition, if husbands help with childcare and cooking they may become a social outcast.

As a result, Ethiopian wives do not have a lot of possibilities to leave home. This is the main reason why there are so many future Ethiopian wives online. They believe that foreigners with different values and more equal views are much better candidates to create a family with. These brides expect to form men to be supportive and sharing when it comes to chores at home and childcare.


Ethiopian people are religious. It is a country where two most rivalrous religions peacefully coexist. Christianity and Islam greatly influence on the everyday life of brides. While searching for an Ethiopian bride for sale at some matrimonial service, you should remember to be tolerant. No one likes to be insulted or discriminated against because of faith. In case you do not accept this, you can hold peaceful discussions. There is always a chance of changing religious views by your or the bride.


Another character trait, which has developed due to strong family bonds, is loyalty. Every Ethiopian wife finder and matrimonial service will tell you about how devoted they are. Each bride wants to always to support her partner with all respect. The same is expected of men. When you are trying to find some serious relationships it is necessary to trust each other and do not cheat. Only then healthy relationships with Ethiopian bride can be built.


Ethiopian education was not so accessible in the past nowadays. It has increased from 23% to almost 50% due to the last census. Among foreign languages English and Arabic are predominant. Mostly people prefer the English language as it allows to communicate with most people in the world. In addition, their level is not bad. Speaking skills are good enough and you may not always hear their accent. Ethiopian brides like to study, as in the past there are no many possibilities to attend schools and universities. Speaking about relocation, it is not a problem for these girls. They easily join new communities and learn traditions, customs, and languages.

Interested in Online Dating

More and more Ethiopian brides register at different online dating sites and matrimonial services just to become wives of foreigners. They understand that communication and building relationships online may take a great amount of time but it is not a problem for them. As in Ethiopia women constantly, have more opportunities for career development, there is not enough time for traditional dating. Busy schedules force them to use matrimonial services.

Children Oriented

In the modern world, not every couple has children and some wives do not want to have. Ethiopian wives are different. After being together, they are sure about having children. Traditional families are large. Therefore, you should not be surprised that after having two kids she would like to have more.


Dating is a special period when you can enjoy this magical time. Ethiopian brides like western manners. Bringing flowers for a date is not necessary but it will be very appreciated. Saying compliments and paying attention can greatly impress them as local men not always do something like that. Evening strolls and smart talks seem for them very romantic and allow to learn more about each other.

Tips on Dating Ethiopian Brides

Eating Etiquette

While visiting this marvelous country you would definitely want to try local cuisine and it is even tastier when to do that on a date. However, it may be not so simple. You may know how to eat correctly with a fork, knife, and even chopsticks, but in Ethiopia, it is a bit different. A great number of wonderful dishes are should be eaten with hands. During the date, you can get embarrassed if you will be the only one in the restaurant or café who eats with some utensils.

Dream & Goals

The dating process involves parents of the bride and they are worried about your common future. You need to show that you are educated and have some goals to achieve in your life. You should be a reliable person, which can take care of another person.

Be Humble

Ethiopian culture is full of respect and cares for others. You should be a polite person, which behaves properly and cares about the people around you. You need to be attentive and humble with your future wife and her family. Only then, you can be fully accepted by parents and become a part of their family.

Respect Traditions

There is a great number of different customs and tradition in Ethiopian culture. It is not obligatory to know all of them, but when some event is happening or other traditional stuff, you should not run away. Just accept that and follow the customs. It shows that you respect these people and it is a great opportunity to get some unique and exciting experience.

Serious Relations

As the family has a great value in the life of every Ethiopian, relationships between two people are most serious. Casual dating is not what brides of this country are waiting for. Dating is a process to get married in the future. Therefore, if you trying to find someone, not for strong relationships and eternal love, your other plans may never come true.


As a way to show your care gifts can play a very great role. It should not be always expensive, in another case it may seem that you want to simply buy her. Even some small and cute toys can be much better. You can be sure that all your gifts will be shown to other family members, therefore, you should be careful while choosing a present.


How do you attract Ethiopian brides?

One way to attract Ethiopian brides is to show knowledge and respect for their culture and traditions. This can be demonstrated through learning about important holidays and rituals, familiarizing oneself with Ethiopian cuisine, and being open to participating in cultural practices such as coffee ceremonies. It is also important to demonstrate that you are financially stable and able to provide for a family, as this is highly valued in Ethiopian culture.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about Ethiopian brides?

One common misconception is that all Ethiopian brides wear traditional white gowns for their weddings. While some do choose to wear a white dress, it is not a requirement or cultural norm. In fact, many Ethiopian brides opt for colorful and intricate traditional clothing, such as the netella and habesha kemis, for their weddings. Another misconception is that arranged marriages are the norm in Ethiopia. While some families may arrange marriages, it is not as common as it once was and many couples now choose to marry based on love and mutual agreement.

What do Ethiopian girls like?

Ethiopian girls typically enjoy hanging out with friends and family, listening to music, dancing, playing sports, and spending time outside in nature. They also value education and take pride in their cultural heritage and traditions. In terms of fashion, they often prefer bright colors and traditional clothing such as the dress-like garment known as a habesha kemis. Ethiopian cuisine, including dishes like injera and wat, is also highly enjoyed by Ethiopian girls.

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Hello Elena! Thanks for joining us. Can you share what inspired you to explore becoming a mail-order bride?

Hi there! I've always believed love knows no boundaries. I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and find a connection that goes beyond my local surroundings.

What qualities are you hoping to find in a potential partner through this journey?

I'm looking for someone who appreciates different cultures and is open to building a meaningful connection.

Wonderful. Have you encountered any surprises or challenges along the way?

Learning a new language has been a challenge, but it's also been an exciting journey. Cultural differences bring moments of adjustment, but I find them intriguing.

It sounds like you're embracing the experience. Can you tell us a bit about your interests or hobbies?

I love dancing, especially traditional folk dances from my country. It's a way for me to stay connected to my roots and share a piece of my culture.

Thank you, Elena, for sharing your insights. Wishing you the best on your journey to finding love!

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