Age Difference Between Men And Women: How To Find The Ideal Option

Can you expect a happy marriage if the age difference between you and your mate is 15 years? These relationships are likely to succeed because both participants belong to the same generation. Otherwise, it will be difficult to find contact points. How to know what awaits your union?

How The Age Difference Affects Relations – Perfect age gap dating

Even a considerable dating age difference can’t impress anybody. But not all newlyweds are condemned to happiness. How does the age difference affect relationships? Research shows that the age difference can influence both dates. The chances of living a happy life decrease in proportion to the number of years that separate lovers. Here are the divorce statistics:

  • No more than 1-year difference brings 3% of divorces;
  • 5-year difference results with divorce in 18% of cases;
  • 10-19 age gaps in marriages – 40% of divorces;
  • The gap of 20 years or more – is 95%.

Facts & Figures

Sven Drefahl, Ph.D., conducted the most exciting research. A study of mixed-age couples led the scientist to conclude that the age gap in relationships affects the life expectancy of partners. Drefahl found out that:

  • Whatever the age difference is, when the wife is older than the husband, the life expectancy of both partners is reduced;
  • If the woman is older, her life expectancy decreases. When the partners have a large difference in age the men’s life expectancy is longer than his date’s.

The dating age gap rule affirms that the well-being of a loving couple is also influenced by psycho-emotional factors, such as public opinion, the presence of common and illegitimate children, and social status.

age gap marriage

A Man Is Older Than A Woman: Pros & Cons

It is the most common variant of marriage. It has many advantages:

  1. The stable financial position of the family. A mature man has already achieved some success in his career and has saved up for a house or has the opportunity to pay for a good apartment;
  2. The tempered character of a man. In many situations, a mature man behaves more confidently, which is pleasing to both spouses;
  3. Responsible attitude to children’s planning. Unlike age gap marriage, young partners don’t think of having a baby as a partnership and thoughtful decision. A mature man becomes a more responsible dad, showing a desire to help raise a child.

The disadvantages of such relationships psychologists include:

  1. The idea of ​​a girl as a kept woman;
  2. Probability of adultery. A man over 40 loses to a young guy in intimate terms.
  3.  Difficulties in finding compromises. The man thinks he is right because of his greater life experience. The wife feels pressure and unwillingness to take into account women’s interests.

What Is An Acceptable Age Difference Between Couples?

Psychologists believe that the perfect couple has 5 years difference. In this case, the spouse is more willing to recognize the authority of the beloved, as she understands that his life experience is more significant. But at the same time, the husband himself does not play the role of “wise father,” giving instructions. Is the ideal age difference between couples 5 years? Yes, in theory.

How To Calculate The Optimal Age Difference?

Is there an optimal age difference that guarantees a lasting union? Women are mainly looking for a man about his age on dating sites. At the same time, men, regardless of their age, are looking for girls around 20. How to find an ideal partner? Divide the senior partner’s age by 2 and add 7.

Partners Of The Same Age

A 5 years age gap dating can hardly be successful. Couples break up 18% more often than unions of same-age partners. To date, even, in theory, there is no exact formula for determining the ideal age difference in a couple.

Is 3 Years a Big Age Gap?

Psychologists and society don’t object to marriages between almost all peers. Shared interests and goals, belonging to one generation, joint acquisition of life experience, a tight circle of friends – an excellent platform for starting a life together. However, not everything is so rosy. The young couple is waiting for the first stumbling block – the struggle for supremacy in the family with scandals and clarifying relationships.

Is 5 Years a Big Age Gap?

According to most psychologists, women often develop much faster than men, so it is not surprising if you do not feel any difference in age with your lover. In addition, you will have approximately similar life experiences, which will make it easier for you to build a life together.

In theory, a happy marriage lasts for 3 years. What’s then? Young couples may not be ready for the situation of cooling their feelings. They risk getting bored with each other and prefer to break off the relationship instead of working on a family.

Is 7 Years a Big Age Gap?

The partners have a powerful connection. And small family secrets only strengthen this marriage. If you are separated by 7-8 years, you are fortunate – marriage promises to last many happy years. You can expect love, full understanding, mutual care, and sexual attraction.

Marriages With A Big Difference Between Partners

What is a good age difference in a relationship? If the gap between lovers is 10 years, the age difference is the tiniest when a man is 30, and the woman is 20. But when they get older, and the wife reaches the age of 45-50, the sexual needs of one and the capabilities of the other may not match. Do the partners have a chance to save their marriage?

9 Year Age Gap

Psychologists believe that the difference of 10 years is quite acceptable. One of the spouses has life experience that teaches them how to get around the sharp corners of family conflicts. There is nothing wrong with mixed-age marriages if it is based on love. So it doesn’t matter what the age difference can be between the couple. The path to family happiness depends on their willingness to solve problems together, provide mutual support, and tolerate each other’s shortcomings.

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Studies have found dates with a ten-year difference weak and disappointing.

15 Years Difference

It is not the maximum age difference for marriage, but if a woman starts dating a man 15 years older, she is looking for stability. In addition, quite often, it is an opportunity for young girls to gain invaluable experience that their peers are unlikely to give. Such a relationship is usually built on the principle of “father-daughter” when a girl hopes that her lover will take full responsibility for solving all her problems.

dating age difference

20 Years Difference

The bride’s youth and freshness attract a mature man. Girls want to find wisdom, experience, protection, stability, and material treasures. The weakness of such marriages is opposite goals, views, and interests. If the partners share common interests or business, the marriage becomes stronger and happier.

What is maximum age difference between male and female for marriage? It is wrong to think that spouses will become unhappy over time in 20 years. The fact of the partner’s youth makes the older spouse keep the mind and body in shape during any life period.

The Woman Is Older: What To Expect?

The union will last forever when the partners love each other and realize they need this relationship. Then there is a desire between spouses to bring a loved one happiness, comfort, and peace. The difference is not felt.

Successful and financially independent ladies often choose younger partners. Big and well-built men attract a mature woman sexually more than aged challengers. Often women:

  • Provide financial assistance to young husbands;
  • Help to realize dreams and aspirations;
  • Promote career advancement;
  • Suggest how to solve difficult situations.

In such a collaboration, the average age difference between husband and wife covers the period of 5-15 years. A man is in psychological comfort, develops faster, and becomes self-confident.


  • No household and financial problems due to age difference in marriage. A woman over 40 is wiser in relationships and does not put her whims above the capabilities of a young man. She will not argue with a young lover because of a low salary or inability to fix something in the house;
  •  Excellent compatibility in bed. Any woman will be pleased that a young lover likes her intimately. He also gains experience and feels that he can be more decisive in sexual experiments;
  • Different perceptions of life. A young guy doesn’t need to rush to nightclubs. An adult lady will enjoy a visit to the theater or a quiet walk in the park.


You can find many advantages and disadvantages of a union of different ages, but the age differences in marriages are unlikely to matter if people love each other. Practice proves that such couples can find happiness and live together because age does not matter if the partners have found love. The basis of a successful marriage is psychological compatibility, and you can’t replace it with material well-being, sexual harmony, or age.


Does Age Matter In A Relationship?

If you decide to align your fate with a younger or older partner, consider these facts: In the beginning, everything may be perfect, but difficulties will appear in the future. Males are more confident and active when their bride is much younger. Women would also be happy for a young husband, but this is extremely rare and does not last long. Age dissimilar relationships begin to deteriorate in 5-6 years. The key conflicts are dissatisfaction with partners, opposite life views, and finances. According to researchers, the greater the age difference, the greater the chance of breaking up the marriage.

Is There A Possibility To Predict An Ideal Union Given The Age?

The strongest marital unions are formed if the average age gap between married couples is 2-5 years and a husband is older than the wife. In this case, the mental development of partners is about the same. If a man can already take responsibility for the family, he will protect his partner from adversity without exerting much pressure.

How To Keep A Younger Partner?

Don’t cross the line and don’t become your companion’s mummy when dating a younger man. You do not need to become a man in your marriage based on your abilities and life background. Keep in mind, when a man is younger than a woman, there will be a lot of hidden stones on their life path because of the lack of experience of the twin-partner.

How To Start Dating With A Girl 10 Years Younger?

Old husband and younger wife marriage are typical for modern society. The man holds the most significant psychological responsibility in this case. He is older and more experienced, and similar situations have already happened to him. He will quickly find “the key” to any problem. However, for everything to go smoothly, a girl should try to be more severe at times, and a man should be younger at heart.

Do You Need To Have Common Interests For A Happy Marriage?

The ability to share pleasures is one of the points that keeps many couples alive. At the same time, it is not necessary for a man and a woman to have common interests. There are many examples of couples with similar hobbies, tastes, lifestyles, and surroundings, but they are not suitable for each other’s lives. If you are not ready to take compromise, a union with an age difference will have no future.

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