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AsianMelodies Review

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This service is a true helper for western men who really want to find your Asian melody of love. And our Asian melodies review will help you a lot in understanding the main features and processes of this amazingly helpful service. In case you’re ready, let’s start our journey together and take a closer look at one of the best online dating sites.

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Asian Melodies Dating Site: Advantages & Disadvantages

Finding true love is one of the most fulfilling experiences one can ever have, and online dating has made this experience possible for millions of people worldwide. However, with so many asian dating sites available online, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. If you’re looking for a dating site that caters to Asian ladies, then Asian Melodies might be a good option for you. We’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of Asian Melodies dating site, so you can make an informed decision if it’s the right online dating site for you.

✅ Pros❌ Cons
Diverse Asian Women BaseSubscription Costs
User-Friendly InterfacePossibility of Fake Profiles
Advanced Search and MatchingLanguage and Cultural Barriers
Secure Communication FeaturesPotential Long-Distance Challenges
Profile VerificationTime-Consuming
Video Chat and Messaging OptionsPrivacy Concerns
Opportunity for International RelationshipsPossibility of Misleading Information

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How Do Asian Melodies Work?

If you have never before used some other dating services, we hasten to assure you that Asian Melodies will not cause any difficulties for you. This site can be categorized into dating services that can be called user-friendly and pleasant at the same time. 

The platform will meet you with a welcome page, where you will have to fill in the necessary information to create your profile page. After just a few minutes of registering your profile page, This site will provide you with the possibility to manage the searching filters, and that will help you a lot when you will start looking for beautiful asian women.

AsianMelodies main page

How to Create an Account on Asian Melodies?

A sign-up process on the Asian melodies dating site consists of some obligatory steps. 

Provide Your Personal Information

First of all, you will have to fill in some of your personal details such as your gender and name, after that, you will have to enter your valid e mail address to which you have access and come up with the password. Your email is needed for a special verification process that helps to keep the number of fake profiles and other suspicious accounts really low. 

Verify Your Email

A special code will be sent to you, after registration that will help you to finish the creation of your profile page. 

Complete the Questionnaire About Asian Women

After you click the button “register”, you will still have some questions to answer. But do not worry, it will not take too long and will only help the platform find the perfect Asian couple for you. 

How Do Asian Melodies Help You to Make First Contact With Your Love?

If you’re worried that after registration you will not know what your next step should be, do not worry. This platform will offer you a lot of different options with help of which you will be able to start making contact and browse profiles of Asian beauties right away. 

By the way, it’s worth mentioning that it has many more female profiles of female members. So, be sure that you will definitely find your love. The Asianmelodies website will provide you with a lot of convenient tools that will be helping in finding a future bride for a future spouse. It has a lot of different filters such as age range that will help you to find your Asian love even faster. 

However, besides the filters, it also has special tools that will help you to meet with Asian girls online. If you are interested, let’s take a closer look at each tool separately.

AsianMelodies features

Asian Melodies Review: Let’s Talk About Interface of the Platform

The interface of the platform will be really typical for dating platforms. But, in case you are a frequent user of such platforms you will notice how far these guys have gone in upgrading the current form of such sites. Once you come up with the registration process, you will get into your personal profile where you will have personal information. 

Also, there will be a separate page where you will be looking through the profiles of Asian girls. Despite the simplicity of the platform, you will notice really quickly that the website has been developed according to the latest updates and what is more important is that on this site you will never meet a single freeze or bug.


Do not worry, because a wink is one of the many free features that Asian melodies dating site offer to its customers. This special tool or reaction will be located on the member’s profile. So it will be just that easy, you push on the wing, and the person that you liked will be notified right away. For example, the site also offers another paid feature, such as sending virtual gifts, however, the wing is a free opportunity to draw the attention of the girl that you liked.


Surely, also the site offers such a common thing in the nowadays social networks as like. You will be able to put unlimited likes on some Asian lady that you have liked the most. The like section is located in the profiles of the other users, and it’s one of many communication features that will let you know your Asian woman that you like her a lot. However, this way is probably the most common and banal of them all, but it’s still working on the free version of the platform. In the same way, you will receive likes from other members of the program, so, please, stay tuned.

Face Feature

If you’re familiar with some other dating platforms such as Badoo and Tinder, you will understand what we are talking about for the first time. It has an identical search feature. The point of this whole thing is that you will be looking at profiles of some girls with some self written introduction and some photos. So all you will have to do is look through the profiles of girls, read the self-written introductions, and put likes to which you have liked. Be sure that a lot of Asian women are using this service, so the way from the usual swipe to the date in real life will not take too long.

Live Chatting

Nobody canceled an old and good chat. Even if you’re a dating expert here, you will find a lot of Asian babes that will be waiting for you. Here on the Asian Melodies dating platform, you will receive an amazing opportunity to chat with Asian women from all possible Asian countries. It’s another free feature that is absolutely unlimited. We assure you that you will receive a lot of pleasure since a lot of girls are really interested in meeting and especially in serious relationships. 

AsianMelodies ladies


On this dating platform, you will also have a chance to mail the girl you like via the traditional email address. Surely, this way of communication may take much longer, however, you would see for yourself that it’s definitely worth it, especially when you’re not ready to spend money on some fee-based features. In this case, the mailing is a perfect solution for you, from which you will receive a great result.

Meeting Request

This tool does not belong to the list of free services. This additional service is provided only for paying members. So the point of this service is when you have liked some Asian love, you will have an opportunity to ask her for a date. With help of this tool, you will receive the opportunity not only to exchange photos or send some private photos but also to meet your future girlfriend in life. So, do not lose your chance. Buy some credits and create a meeting request with your future bride.

Let’s Talk About the Quality of Profiles on Asian Melodies Dating Platform

If you’re tired of listening to dating experts and their useless dating style of life, you can start wondering if the dating site will help you to find your true love. You may even start convincing yourself that it’s not possible to find one of these beautiful Asian brides on this site. 

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Nevertheless, you will be wrong if you’d start to think like that. Asian Melodies dating platform cares a lot about the safety and security of the customers. That’s why every AsianMelodies account goes through a detailed check and verification. The chance that some fake or scam account might appear in this place is tending to be zero. Every profile on the platform will include some contact details, marital status, private photos, etc. 

So once you decide to join the community of beautiful Asian girls with single marital status from most different Asian countries, you have come to the right place.

Asian Melodies Review: Is There a Mobile Application Available?

If you are already using an Asian dating service from the desktop version, you might have already started asking yourself questions about mobile applications. And there is nothing surprising in this because most people, including Asian women, are living inside their smartphones. Probably nowadays, you will not meet a single person in Asian countries who will not have a smartphone. Most customers of the dating sites are mobile users, but, unfortunately, the mobile site does not have a separate application for IOS and Android users. 

But do not rush to get upset since Asian melodies have a solution in case you can’t imagine yourself without online dating. You will be able to use the application and all its free and paid features on your mobile because the developers of Asian Melodies adapted the web version of this dating site for any mobile device, and by the way, you even will be able to use it from the tablet.

AsianMelodies search

Asian Melodies Website: Let’s Talk About Advantages and Disadvantages

Before writing our own review, we wanted to make our article as honest as possible, that’s why as a preparation we’ve studied a lot of other Asian Melodies dating site reviews. That really helped us a lot in preparing our article for you. So if you’re ready and you truly want to find out some main advantages and disadvantages of the Asian melodies online dating site. However, we’d like to make a little spoiler and mention that Asian Melodies have much more advantages.


Verified Profiles

That’s probably one of the most important and significant advantages. On this platform, you can be assured that all female members are real. Here you will definitely never meet any scammer in the video chat because moderators and the customer assistance team are always checking every newly registered member. That’s why this site is an absolute leader among other dating sites. Because behind every AsianMelodies account you will find a real person and not a bot or fake.

Large Functionality

The functionality of the app on this platform is really tremendous. Here you will find dozens of free features along with communication tools, and what is more important, every feature is implemented perfectly in the interface of the website. Here you will find everything starting from gifts and likes and finishing with video communication. The amount of communication tools in this place is really amazing, however, since the AsianMelodies site belongs to the fee-based services here, you will also be able to buy some fee-based features. But do not worry since fee-based features are optional and not necessary since the platform has a lot of free services.

Friendly Customer Support Team 

How often do you reach out to the customer support team of any service? Probably not often. However, here these guys will become real friends of yours. You will be able to reach out to them at any time because this team is working round the clock, even without weekends. So in case you will need to clarify literally anything, you will be able to do via the customer support team. And even if you will have some questions about the registration process, feel free to contact me for any questions.

Popular Dating Site 

Another great advantage of this amazing service is its popularity among most women in Asian countries. This site is probably the most popular in most Asian countries. With the help of this platform, it will not take too long for you to start making contact with some Asian beauty. We assure you that the number of female profiles on this platform will surprise you pleasantly.

AsianMelodies like or not

Convenient Design

Once you visit site of the Asian Melodies, you will understand what we are talking about. Here everything from communication tools and finishing with site pricing is created for users’ convenience and comfort. All buttons and possible actions are intuitive, so it will not be so hard for you to understand the way this site works. Despite some other fee-based services that were created hastily Asian Melodies were created for your convenience, and you will understand that right after you visit site for the first time. 


Strict Rules 

For some people, it may sound like an advantage, but some people are claiming often that they are getting blocked for sharing some personal information or contact details via chats or other communication methods. Nevertheless, this situation has two sides of the same coin. Surely, it’s really great that Asian Melodies care a lot about the safety of their community. However, sometimes moderators can block even those users who don’t have any connection with fraudulent activity. That’s why only you will decide in which category you will list this feature. 

Paid Features

Yes, you heard us right, we occasionally listed this item in the category of the disadvantage. But you should understand us, right, nobody even denies the fact that you will be able to start using the platform once you visit site. But in order to feel the full potential of the mentioned dating app, Asian Melodies will be offering you some additional fee-based features that will help you to make your Asian dating journey even more reliable. Despite the fact that the fee-based features are optional, for some customers, this is unacceptable, and for this reason, they may become very resentful.

No Subscriptions Available

Unfortunately, at the current moment, the platform does not provide any subscription plans. So in case you will want to create a permanent membership by purchasing a subscription plan, unfortunately, you will not be able to do that. However, the site has another way for which you will be able to buy some fee-based features, and we’ll talk about it in a separate section. Returning to the subscription, the platform is improving constantly, so we assure you that in the nearest future, such a possibility will come up, and all customers will receive an opportunity to buy a convenient subscription plan.

AsianMelodies pricing information

Asian Melodies Review: Let’s Talk About Prices

As we promised you, we’d like to provide you with information regarding the prices that the platform provides to its customers. As we have already mentioned in our previous paragraph, the Asian Melodies website has its own currency for which you will be able to buy a lot of additional services such as virtual gifts or viewing and uploading videos. Since the platform does not provide users with subscription plans, credits are the way of receiving the real maximum from the use of the program. 

Packages Available

The Asian Melodies will provide you with a great opportunity of buying credits for real money and start using the application for the maximum. So here are some basic prices for the package of the credits. 

20 credits
50 credits
125 credits

What Are The Payment Options On the Asian Melodies Website?

If you want to buy credits and start using the paid version of the app, which will include a lot of different paid features, you might have a logical question, how can you pay for receiving the credits? We’d like to make you happy since this company will provide you with an opportunity to pay for your credits in the most convenient way.

Various Payment Methods

Do you prefer using debit or credit cards? Great buy credits with your bank card. Do you use the payment system as PayPal, no worries, because here on AsianMelodies you will be able to pay with the most suitable payment method. What is more important is that the whole process will take you no longer than ten minutes of your time. 

Better than Asianmelodies


So finally, we have reached out to the final of our review. Here in this last paragraph, we’ll try to summarize the whole review of Asian Melodies. Let’s start with the fact that this platform is one of the best platforms if you want to find your Asian love. This service will offer you dozens of different free and paid tools that will help you to receive the maximum from the use of this program. Be sure that if you have been dreaming about Asian girls Asian Melodies is the perfect solution for you.


Is Asian Melodies a Legit Site?

Asian Melodies is a site that is legit for a hundred percent. This site is working according to all current customer laws. By the way, once the user has signed up for this program, he will become protected by the policies of the platform. So if you were worried about the legitimacy of the site, there is nothing to worry about.

Asian Dating Site Legit?

All Asian sites that are provided to users in Asian countries are legit. The reason for that is that if the site will not meet some of the necessary requirements, it probably will not be working. So we would like to emphasize that all current working sites, including Asian Melodies, are legit, and you can use them without any fear of your personal data.

AsianMelodies Rating

Overall Score
Site usability
9 of 10
9 of 10
9 of 10
App usability
9 of 10
Customer Support
9 of 10
Quality of profile
9 of 10
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