LoveFort Review – Guide on Pricing, Credits, Features

LoveFort Review

  • Easy matching and dating process
  • High level communication aspects
  • Latin women from different countries
  • Reasonable prices
  • Smooth mobile experience

Online dating platform Love Fort offers a modern and clear payment system, as well as the necessary communication tools to meet the needs of all users. With effective perks, a prompt customer support team, and quick browsing, men can find their perfect partner in just a few clicks. Is this true? Is Love Fort a legitimate online dating site you can rely on?

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In order to find out the truth about LoveFort, after analyzing a lot of LoveFort reviews, our experts have created for you this LoveFort Review on dating site, in which they described how does LoveFort work.

After reading this LoveFort Review 2022, you will know all the information about the services and benefits of this site. It covers all the important points. So read on to make the best decision!

LoveFort main page

LoveFort review of website

During the LoveFort dating site review, experts noted that the design of LoveFort is done in pastel pink colors. They do not interfere with the eyes and ensure that every user is satisfied with the atmosphere of the website.

The user interface is easy to use for all users. Each key of this online dating site has its corresponding function to perform. Information blocks are well-structured and correctly placed. No user will have problems understanding how to use the site and its main functions.

LoveFort has an excellent team of professional online assistants. They will help you solve any question or problem, and also find a solution in the shortest possible time. Friendliness and the highest quality are the main factors of the customer support group. You can always contact support if you have any problems with anything on the site.


Pros & Cons

After analyzing many reviews, our experts highlighted the main pros and cons of this Love Fort dating platform. 

✅ Pros❌ Cons
Convenient Asian dating siteNo mobile app not for Android not for iPhone
Some bonus free credits for testing premium featuresMeeting invitation is a paid feature
Most members have verified profilesUsers cannot watch profile videos for free
Without advertising
Users can follow other members and view their posts for free
Mail photos (you can send photos by mail for free)
Opening letters (the first letter is free)
Watching the stream if available (free of charge)

How Many Members does LoveFort have?

Calculate LoveFort members from your location
Singles from

Is LoveFort worth it?

If your goal is to meet a foreign woman for a relationship, LoveFort is the place to be.

With a modern design, a simple pricing approach, and a large active audience of foreign girls, LoveFort is definitely a strong contender for the best Asian dating site. Plus, you can build relationships on your own terms without getting involved with anyone, which gives you as much freedom as you want.

LoveFort why join

Getting Started: Creating an Account on

LoveFort is one of the newer Latin American most popular dating sites (most female users from Colombia, Brazil, and Venezuela, and most male users from the US, Canada, and the Netherlands) that currently has over 120,000 visits per month.

Users cannot access profiles on this Latin and Asian dating website without logging in, so the first thing our specialists did after checking the data of the dating website LoveFort was to join the platform. Luckily, it didn’t take much time or effort. In essence, our specialists had to do the following:

  1. Browse the website, find the registration form and fill in some details (gender, name, date of birth, and email address).
  2. Take the first test – answer a few questions about us (interests, occupation, relationship goals, previous online dating experience, etc.) and write about yourself, which will later appear in the profile.
  3. Take the second test – answer a few questions about the people you would like to meet on the dating website LoveFort.
  4. Add a photo

You can skip any question in the quiz and upload your photo later. To be honest, our experts did not answer all the questions – some of them did not seem to us so important for our experiment.

Our experts didn’t need to verify personal background information or anything – in fact, you can use the site even with a blank profile (although this doesn’t make much sense if you’re using the LoveFort dating site to meet someone – then). Considering this, the registration process took about 5 minutes.

Note: New members don’t even need to verify their email addresses when registering, but you will see a reminder when using the site, which is quite annoying, so verify your email (our experts always use valid email addresses when registering on the site platform for verification) after registration is completed.

LoveFort registration

Registration process

The registration process at LoveFort is quick and easy. It doesn’t take a technical genius to figure out what to do. As soon as you open the site, you will see a large registration window.

There you need to enter some of your personal details. The latter includes your name, gender, and the gender of your partner, as well as your date of birth, email address, and password.

After these steps are completed, you need to add additional information that describes you and what you want to find in the other person. You will also need to answer a few questions to select the factors that are right for you. 

They may contain the following characteristics:

  1. Your education and experience – where did you study and what do you do;
  2. Your characteristics – what you are, eye color, physique, etc.;
  3. Your hobbies and beliefs – what do you like to do in your free time or what would you like your partner to do;
  4. Type of your ideal partner or partner (character traits, body type, hair color, etc.);
  5. Habits and hobbies of your partner (it is very important to indicate your attitude towards smoking and drinking)

In the end, don’t forget to upload your photos. It is most important! Most users of dating sites will first be interested in the face and body, and then click on the profile to get the necessary information about your person. After registration, please verify your personal background information. This is required for the process of verifying your identity as a real person.


LoveFort is a service for dating. It charges not for membership and viewing the site, but for something else. Thanks to the credit system, you only pay for the features you actually use, like sending emails to grandpas you like or reading emails.

Each user can choose to purchase one of the credit packages that our specialists have written for you below:

20 credits
50 credits
125 credits
LoveFort credits

Below you can find the current prices for services on the site:

Sending mail photos (free feature);
opening video attachments in emails (50 credits per video; keep in mind that you will be charged immediately after clicking on it);
Opening mails(the first letter is free, 10 credits are removed for opening all subsequent letters);
Streaming when available(free feature);
video chat(50 credits; you can open the video that a member sends you in a chat; keep in mind, you will pay immediately after clicking on it);
live chat (2 credits per minute);
profile video(50 credits; you can find it directly in the member’s profile; keep in mind that you will pay immediately after clicking on it);
virtual gifts (the cost of each gift is indicated in the gift catalog);
chat stickers (5 credits);
sending letters (10 credits for the first letter, 30 credits for each subsequent letter to one specific member) You can – send a letter to a member by selecting the “Change to mail” option in the profile, the letter must contain no more than 3500;
opening a photo in mail (10 credits per photo);
photo in chat (10 credits for sending a photo);

Is LoveFort worth paying for?

In the opinion of our experts, the site is worth its price. At least the site is worth its money, because it has an extensive and interesting audience, full of beautiful girls and guys. And for this money, you buy great features on the site and technical customer support services.

LoveFort is also offering 20 free chat features to all new customers. You can also use some features without paying, such as LoveFort free search, games, the ability to like and wink, and watch video streams with girls. This will definitely be enough to understand if the site is right for you.

LoveFort search

How does LoveFort work?

LoveFort provides two ways to meet users on the site. For starters, you can try the “Faces” feature. In this way, the system will extract up to 20 random profile photos of people for you. And you will have options: either the ability to go to their profiles, or skip the profiles, and like them. The second way is the search function. By searching on, you can create the perfect profile filter that suits you.

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What kind of people can you find at LoveFort?

The Love Fort dating platform does not pay special attention to any culture or nation of the world. It has a large international audience, with a focus on South American women. As a result, you can meet people from more than 28 countries of the world. 

You may have special preferences as to where your girlfriend should be born. Also, you can explore all the features and services of the site and perhaps discover something new and exciting.

Profile Quality

The more complete the information in your profile, the more likely it is that people on the site will be interested in you.

Expert Tip: Please fill in as much information about yourself as possible on your profile. This is so that other members can read information about you and get to know you better before they start talking to you.

All the people on the site want to first make sure they’re not wasting their time, and they want to talk to someone they like. And with the solution to this problem, the description of you in your profile helps a lot.

Also, the quality of the completed profiles is closely monitored by the site support team. They will send you reminders and tips on how to level up your account and get more girls on your profile. Don’t miss the opportunity to use the advanced search.

LoveFort members

This is great for those who want to tailor their games to specific personal aspects. You can select and modify various filters, for example:

  1. Location;
  2. age
  3. online status
  4. Children;
  5. Family status;
  6. Height and weight

How can users chat on lovefort dating site?

The creators of the site understand that communication is the main point for finding the perfect partner: be it a girl or a guy online. For this reason, on this site, you can see people who have viewed your profile.

This great feature allows you to understand who is interested in you. In the event that you notice a girl who regularly visits your account, do not hesitate and start a conversation with her using any of the communication functions available to you.


E-mail is intended on the site specifically for lovers of a slightly old way of communication. This feature is suitable for those who believe that simple chatting excludes romance in communication between several people. allows you to exchange long letters in which you can choose the best words without haste. You can send emails at any time convenient for you, and in return get the long-awaited answer, regardless of your online or offline status on the site.

Instant messaging

Instant messaging is designed for users who prefer real-time conversation-like communication where people communicate in real time. Members of the site can easily chat with single women and other members from South America or Asia, and other stunning ladies from around the world who are online and get an instant response. What could be better than this?

LoveFort girl profile

Flowers and Gifts

In the event that your relationship with a beautiful girl goes to the level of gifts, you may be tempted to send her something nice to express your level of admiration. Be sure to discover their favorite candies, accessories, or perfumes before using the site. You can ask your sweetheart to take a profile picture of you and your gift. 

Thanks to a gift or gifts, you will make your girlfriend happier and closer to you. Our experts believe that the site is worth trying at least once to make sure of the quality and convenience of their services.

The platform’s communication tools are designed to save you time. The creators of the platform have done their best to provide the coolest experience close to a real acquaintance. The site’s services give you everything for comfortable and complete interaction with women around the world.


Do you have the desire to start communicating with a certain woman on the site? But at the same time, you do not know how to start a dialogue with her. And at the same time, do you want to get her attention? 

The developers came up with a solution: it’s the Wink feature! You can wink at the lady who took your heart. If the lady likes you too, she will wink at you in response, and most likely will write to you first.

LoveFort like gallery

Safety & Security

The developers of do their best to maintain an excellent reputation and make the service the best among similar dating sites. And the official team is trying to ensure the highest possible security for each user. The site cooperates with Internet safety organizations. 

The developers have implemented for their customers, such as for example young vietnamese woman, the highest level of encryption for each transaction on the site. On the Love Fort website, you can be sure that your data will be completely protected! In the meantime, here are some tips to help you maintain your online privacy and security on these dating sites:

  1. Do not give your login or other information to strangers or people from the website, these may be hackers;
  2. Don’t send money to anyone after meeting them online;
  3. As much as you would like, do not pay for gifts that are expensive for you to women whom you do not know well. Get to know each other better first.

Avoid fake profiles and bots

According to most LoveFort dating site reviews, the number of fake profiles on this dating site is not that high compared to other dating sites. To avoid encountering such accounts, only chat with verified profiles with a green icon – this way, you only chat with people who have verified their identity.

Think through all the details before you start spending money and communicating with a person. Google her photo to make sure it’s not being used on other dating sites, be realistic about your expectations, and don’t ignore red flags.

Ask specific questions, not “Do you like to travel?” but “I see you’ve been to Paris – what did you like best there?”. Fraudsters will not waste time looking for an answer with all the details.

Help & Support

While doing the review, our experts noticed that support is fast and courteous too. They are happy to help solve any problem. You have several options for contacting site support

  1. Write to them directly at their Customer Support team LoveFort mail: [email protected]
  2. Describe your problem in the request.

In this ticket that you will open, you will need to write your email, a description of your problem, the topic of your problem (for example, a problem with registering a profile), and if you have any screenshots or videos from the screen that would show the problem, then you can attach these materials in this ticket. The ticket looks like the screenshot below.

You can also search for an answer to your question on solving the problem in their frequently asked questions section and answers to them. You can find this section.

LoveFort FAQ

After clicking on the link, a page with cells, like the one in the screenshot below, with topics will open. You need to choose the topic on which you have a question.

For example, after selecting a cell from Billing, a window with questions and answers to these questions will open, as in the screenshot below.

After choosing a question from the list, for example, Is the service free, a page with this question and its answer will open. If you are interested in other questions on this topic, there is a list of questions to the left of the question you opened. It will look like the screenshot below.

Is LoveFort safe?

When dating online, being careful is the best way to stay safe. LoveFort developers actively fight for the safety of their users and create the most secure environment for communication.

So the developers have created one of the modern functions for your safety – the profile verification system. Thanks to this feature, anyone on the site can upload their ID to prove they are a real person. But of course, there are other measures for your safety. This is a detailed FAQ section on the site, as well as an excellent user support team.

Better than Lovefort


Our experts have tried to write the clearest possible review on LoveFort dating site. In it, they relied on the analysis of many LoveFort dating site reviews so that you can decide for sure whether it is worth your time.

Love Fort has hundreds of reunited couples to its credit. It’s really quite difficult to believe in happy and successful internet found love stories on dating sites, especially if you think it’s almost impossible to fall in love with someone from such a long distance. 

Our experts believe that even building a strong family is possible for people who are confident in their goals and dreams. The Love Fort online international communication platform can help you find someone who shares your beliefs and dreams and supports your ideas, so you can give yourself at least one chance to in finding the love of your life.


Is LoveFort any good?

The advantage of this online dating platform is that Love Fort capabilities are focused not only on the chat function. There are several other options that will help you get the most out of your dating experience that you can imagine. Additional services include: Sending virtual gifts, exchanging contacts, adding users to your favorites list, requesting a personal meeting, and viewing photos and videos.

Is LoveFort a good dating site?

Most of the users are quite happy with the service, and a huge bunch of great Lovefort dating reviews proves that the quality parameters of the site allow you to maintain strong and lasting relationships with all the girls you meet on the Internet. Use them all, and forget about the distance that separates you!

What is

Single men who do not have much time to communicate offline have a chance to find a girl by mail from the comfort of their own home. Lovefort dating site was founded in 2016 for true and strong love seekers from the USA, Germany, Great Britain, and other countries. The site contains an extensive Love Fort dating catalog of single girls and men, so everyone can find the perfect partner for any kind of relationship on the site.

LoveFort Rating

Overall Score
Site usability
9 of 10
9 of 10
9 of 10
App usability
9 of 10
Customer Support
9 of 10
Quality of profile
9 of 10
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