ThaiFriendly Review: Your Ultimate Guide to Online Dating in Thailand

ThaiFriendly is one of the largest Thai dating sites in the world. If you are looking for a Thai or Thai yourself, this is a great place to meet like minded people who are not afraid to meet and greet.

It is becoming increasingly popular with ladybugs, providing them with a safe place to date and express themselves. Thai Friendly is relatively new but is already growing rapidly, and success stories are becoming the norm. If you want to know more, read our detailed ThaiFriendly review below.

ThaiFriendly review of website

What do we know about ThaiFriendly? After analyzing a lot of ThaiFriendly reviews, our testers made for you this Review on ThaiFriendly dating site, in which they described how does ThaiFriendly work.

It is one of the most important online dating sites in Thailand. Hundreds or even thousands of new and active users register every day. Many lonely people, tired of being alone, came here to find someone. If you like Thai culture or vice versa, if you want to learn more about Western life and customs, join the community and let the site do its job.

This service has very democratic conditions for free users. Meanwhile, premium membership accounts can enjoy even more features, such as managing as many messages as you want.

Many Thai women make this site worth seeing for everyone who is a fan of this beautiful country and its ladies. This is possible because the platform supports Thai, compared to other dating sites. Since many Thais do not speak English very well, it is essential that the platform is multilingual.

Thaifriendly main page

Is ThaiFriendly safe?

The site has 256-bit data encryption, so your data is secure. At the same time, please remember not to disclose your personal information, such as banking information and so on. On the Internet, it is better to disclose only the information that, if taken away, it will not spoil anything for you.

Pros /Cons 

After reading and analyzing dozens of ThaiFriendly dating site reviews for a full review, our experts have identified the pros and cons of this platform.


  1. The site offers free account registration
  2. 2 million members, I count over 300,000 Thai girls
  3. Very easy to use
  4. ThaiFriendly free search
  5. Free members can send messages instantly.
  6. Instant messaging is available in the premium membership.
  7. You can use the application after registering on a computer.


  1. The site has few fake profiles
  2. There are only Thai and English
  3. The website design is slightly outdated
  4. There are no free credits

Is ThaiFriendly worth it?

Our experts can tell you with confidence that Thai Friendly is worth it because the site has an excellent reputation and has been around for a long time. The first users registered there for online dating ten years ago, in 2010, when the platform was launched. 

Today, Thai Friendly is owned by Singapore-based Oxixo Private Limited. The popularity of the site has grown significantly in recent years, as can be seen from the number of users. The site has over 2,000,000 active members and nearly 1,000,000 app downloads. In addition, the activity of participants is approaching 90,000 per week.

Most of the users are from different parts of Thailand, the rest are from the US, UK, and Europe. The platform is designed to connect people from anywhere in the world. If you are wondering how many men and Thai women are there, you will be quite surprised. 

Over 60% of all Thai Friendy participants are Asian and Thai girls; while 40% of male accounts are divided into two groups: men and ladyboys. Another advantage of the community is that it is young. About 50% of all participants are under 35 years old. 

All Thai Friendly members make a very active community, where everyone can find a Thai friend, their partner for their whole life, etc. Although younger people tend to be more fun and a little less serious, you can still meet Thai girls or boys, those who are planning to settle down.

ThaiFriendly create account

The audience, who is looking for whom and why?

Thai Friendly currently has over 2 million members. On average, you can see about 5,000 members online, but it depends on the time of day. More than 300,000 users order Thai brides from Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai, and other regions of Thailand by mail.

Also, on the site, you can meet many girls from different countries in Asia. Thai Friendly is a place mainly for single men who want to date Asian brides. The male audience is more extensive here, mainly represented by users from the US, UK, Australia, and Germany.

Most Asian women seek out Western men for various reasons. Many of them are not averse to meeting handsome and rich gentlemen in order to get married. The site is popular among young people.

More than half of the participants are between 18 and 35 years old. Many of them are looking for nice people to talk to, as well as informal and casual communication. Others want to meet friends who can tell amazing things about their lives and countries, as well as partners to build close and romantic relationships.

Can Thai Friendly be tested for free?

You can use the service for free as free members or try it out.

  1. All members can send messages for free
  2. Free members can read at least the first messages in their mailbox for free

Is Thai Friendly expensive or cheap? Pricing

Compared to other providers, Thai Friendly is cheaper. 

Below, you can see the premium membership prices:

1 month24.95 USD / Month24.95 USD
2 months16.65 USD / Month49.95 USD
6 months11.66 USD / Month69.95 USD
12 months8.33 USD / Month99.95 USD

ThaiFriendly upgrade profile

Is it worth paying for?

According to our experts, as well as many positive reviews from platform customers, the truth about ThaiFriendly is that the site is worth the money. Here are some things that will make you want to join the site’s community. Any dating agency or any other service must have something special so that clients can compete with each other.

  • News. 

This aspect is completely different from the dating sites you may have come across before. It’s more like posting a status on Facebook. When you send a message to someone, you will automatically be taken to that person’s profile page.

  • Show interest in. 

If you want to express your interest, just click on the heart that appears on the profile pictures while viewing it.

  • Favorites list. 

This feature is not normally available for core members. On the contrary, Thai Friendly offers to do it in one click.

  • Chat. 

Although this is a premium feature, it is very effective and quite good. Chat allows you to exchange messages while continuing to browse the web.

ThaiFriendly members

How does it work?

The Thai Friendly site is mainly focused on finding men with a Thai girl’s match. You won’t receive matches sent to you, but you can view user profiles, tag, and connect with people you like. Registration, creating a profile and uploading photos are free. You can send messages every ten minutes.

Unfortunately, as you already know, the Thai Friendly design of this site is not good, because the organization, colors, symbols, and logos are all quite old. However, to be honest, this does not prevent you from easily navigating Thai Friendly. The user interface is easy to understand, making your operations quick and easy.

Let’s take a look at the home page and its components. There you will find a registration form, profile pictures of the members who are currently online, some information about the site, and some useful links. Also, you can switch to the Thai language if you like.

As for other pages, such as the profile page, they look a bit blank. Spaces instead of additional fields with personal information make the page cheaper. So it’s better to say that this platform needs a little rebranding to look more fresh and modern.

Is the registration process easy?

As with other dating sites, this one has a very simplified registration process. Just follow the simple steps and fill in your personal details to be ready to enjoy what the Thai Friendly site has to offer.

  1. First, you need to choose if you want to proceed with registration using your Facebook account or mobile number. 
  2. When using a mobile phone, you must create a username and password.
  3. Please note that only premium membership members can change their nicknames. In addition, a valid email address requires more security.
  4. The last step is to answer a few questions about yourself. 

You can skip some of them and leave these fields blank, but there are a few mandatory questions that need to be answered. For example, Thai Friendly needs to know if you speak Thai or not. The whole process takes no more than 5 minutes, so don’t panic.

ThaiFriendly search

How is the search and sorting of girls?

There are two types of search options available on Thai Friendly. Users can choose from simple search or advanced search. 

  1. Basic Search is free and can be used by anyone. Basic search provides users with options such as age range, education, and location. 
  2. While advanced search helps users find women who are closer to their taste.

The filters in advanced search are as follows:

  1. Basic filter from basic search
  2. height and weight
  3. Looks
  4. Family status
  5. children
  6. the level of education

The platform’s search algorithm is very useful as it provides users with exact matches. The location filter on Thai Friendly can help users find women in different places in Thailand. So you will not communicate with a woman who lives too far away. 

However, there are no matching offers on the platform. Instead, users can find the most recently active users in the portal.

Profile Quality 

During the ThaiFriendly dating site review, our experts were pleasantly surprised by the fact that almost all profiles are filled in completely and in detail with photos and descriptions of interests, hobbies, marital status, and so on. Also, the photos in most cases are of high quality, which is very pleasing to the eye.

How to communicate on the site?

Right after registering with the Thai Friendly service, you can view the profiles of other members, which seems to be your purpose here. You can always send a message to someone you like by checking his or her profile because the chat is right in front of you.

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Below these photos on the left are the user’s photos and profile description. The description field is your stream of consciousness. Therefore, it is up to you how much effort you put into it. Get ready to meet a lot of descriptions in Thai. If you haven’t mastered this language yet, this is a good opportunity to improve your skills.

Below this section is the “Show Interest” function. Click the button so that the user understands that he is interested in you. All participants you are interested in are included in a special list, which can be found on the corresponding page. There you can see the online status of the accounts. Use this feature to find the most suitable matches.

The ThaiFriendly profile has an “Add to Favorites” button and a personal note that you can attach to the member’s profile. This note is only visible to you. Sometimes this is very convenient, especially when you have a lot of matches.

The last block at the bottom is a comment block that needs no introduction, as almost every social network has the same feature. Here you can find useful information, but this is not a way to communicate.

ThaiFriendly girl profile

Profile Tips

So what are the rules to follow to be more successful in finding a new partner in Thai Friendly?

  1. Above all, you must be creative and flexible. Don’t use standard grab lines or “Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V” to impress. It will be a 100% failure.
  2. Second, do your best to complete your profile: upload your best shots, write a fun and interesting “about me” and be honest.
  3. As for the photo, it is better to choose the right one, because for Thais it is important what you are wearing. This is important for almost all of us, so check your outfit before you create a portfolio.
  4. Your personal information is only honest, as has been said. Enter your real information like age, body type, habits, education, etc. And don’t forget to be nice because everyone wants to be treated well.

Safety & Security

Of course, security and privacy issues cannot be ignored. Our experts believe that this is the most important thing when choosing a dating site.

All members of the dating sites provide too much information, from our real names to dates of birth, credit card details, and CVV codes. This information can easily be misused in case of theft. That’s why our experts believe that safety and security are extremely important. You don’t want to lose your money or become a victim of identity theft, do you? 

Let me tell you some good news during the ThaiFriendly review, our experts have confirmed that at Thai Friendly you don’t have to worry about the security of your data thanks to its 256-bit state-of-the-art data encryption system. It is a secure and reputable dating service that protects any information you share with it and does not sell or share it with third parties.

Website and mobile version

To be honest, from the experience of our experts during the ThaiFriendly review and reading a lot of ThaiFriendly dating reviews, the mobile app for both Android and iPhone seems to be much better than the website itself, because the design looks better, and the user interface is well adapted for smartphones. So, if you have any complaints about the desktop version, you will probably be happy with the mobile version.

With this Thai Friendly app, you get the same set of features as on the site, minus the Favorites List, in a better package. You must upgrade your account to view the listings. This aspect is also slightly different. 

The mobile app only offers a subscription plan that costs $19.99 for one month. Thanks to the developers, the application is supported by both types of devices: Android and iOS. You can download the mobile application for Android here, and for iPhone here.

This is great since many people today use smartphones more than laptops and PCs. The ability to take features with you is important to many users. Especially when it comes to travel, which is another purpose of the platform. 

ThaiFriendly app

How to keep in touch on the site?

When you are online chatting with someone in Thai Friendly, you can share contact information. Members can ask for your line ID or phone number.

  1. LINE is a free online messaging app, that is very popular in Thailand.
  2. You can call and send messages for free.

This is the best way to keep in touch with women in Thailand as calls accumulate quickly in this country. However, our experts think that a phone is essential to making friends and staying safe in Thailand.

Complete the setup to secure your ThaiFriendly profile.

It is very easy to get a Thai phone number. To receive it, you need a Thai GSM SIM card. You can buy them in any store or shopping center in the country. You can replenish this card with money quickly in 7-11 minutes.

Our experts recommend that you make sure to purchase an unlocked smartphone with dual SIM cards before you travel to Thailand. This is necessary so that you can restore your SIM card and immediately start using your phone to communicate with beautiful women.

After making contact with women in Thailand, make an appointment to meet outside a popular restaurant in the city where you are. Some Thai girls don’t trust strangers at first, so meeting girls in public is the easiest way to get to know them.

Help & Support

Support is fast. If you have any problem, you can look for an answer to your question or problem in the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers section. It looks like the screenshot below. You can enter this section here.

Also, if you still haven’t found a solution to the problem, you can open a ticket with a description of the problem you encountered here (the ticket is under frequently asked questions).

In this ticket, you will need to fill in the following fields: your username, your email address, a description of the problem, and the subject of the problem. You can choose one of 3 topics: Member support, billing support, or other (if your problem is not related to members or all money transactions). 

Alternatively, you can contact support directly by writing to their email: [email protected] 

Features of profiles and site

ThaiFriendly is for Western men who want to find a Thai woman. This is primarily a dating site, and not a marriage agency, with profiles of specialists and professionals. You rarely see studio quality photos on this site, and most of them are simple selfies or shots.

  1. Any member can view them all for free. Not that the photos look terrible, but most of them are personal yet attractive. These types of photos appear to be genuine, and we believe they represent a much more accurate representation of what you would get in real life.
  2. Another plus is that anyone can upload as many photos as they want, although there are strict rules against nudity. The same applies to anything that is indecent, offensive, or illegal.

Thai Friendly is committed to maintaining a responsible membership in a healthy and friendly environment. Photos must be approved before they appear on a profile, and any troublemakers will be banned.

It should be noted that women’s identities are not tested like men’s. They are allowed to register and create a simple profile, chat with men and find someone they want to connect with.

Anyone can edit their profile at any time. To be honest, some personal details are a bit missing as the questionnaires are optional. Only the necessary information about women is available on the “About me” page. It may contain a bit of her personality, her views, and her dating preferences, but nothing more.

As mentioned before, her looks are more of a selling point. However, over time, guys can learn more about women. From the profiles of women, male visitors will be able to add them to their favorites, send a message and express their interest in contacting them.

Their profiles are mostly “best”, but there are many attractive Thai women on the site, with the occasional ladyboy. About a third of this site are women, and the rest are men, many of which are ladybugs. If someone is fond of such things, then this is normal. Users can also block someone they think is a scammer.

ThaiFriendly FAQ


Thaifriendly is a Thailand dating app that will help you find your perfect match. In it, you can find matches by filtering the profiles according to your interests. Once you find a person who is similar to your ideal type of woman or man, it is up to you whether to contact him or not!

Thailand has such an interesting culture and nature and so much going on these days that it could be the best way to find true love while exploring one of the most exotic countries in Asia. From radiant skin to sexy waists, these Thai women are ready to start an energized and romantic conversation. You need to create an account and enter your personal details.

If you do not know Thai, you can switch to English on the site. But many Thais don’t know it, so you just have to be sexy and smart in front of your seductive partner.

And in understanding what the interlocutor writes to you, Google Translate will help. In case your goal is to find sex friends, serious relationships, just friends, or casual relationships with no strings attached, this site might be perfect for you.


Is ThaiFriendly a good dating site?

Yes, the site is excellent due to its reputation and history of existence. What's cool is that it has 2 million members worldwide, including over 300,000 Thai women. Thanks to a wide base of people, your chances of finding a beautiful Thai girl increase significantly.

What is

The dating site is open to anyone who is looking for any kind of relationship with people from Thailand. It had 800,000 members as of April 2016 and has been growing ever since. Today, it is considered one of the largest free dating sites in Thailand.

Is ThaiFriendly any good?

The advantages of this site are such factors as Free registration and photo upload, a Free account, the ability to send instant messages, ease of use, Instant messaging available in Premium membership, and the ability to use the mobile application immediately after registering on a computer.

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