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One of the most beautiful women in the Balkans are ladies from Slovenia. They attract men around the world with their incredible appearance and inner world. That’s why it is not surprising that Slovenian brides are becoming more and more popular nowadays. If you are dreaming about a Slovenian wife too, you need to learn some facts about their personality, lifestyle, and culture. In this article, we want to share the essential information about these women and give you some tips on dating them.

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What Makes Slovenian Wives Popular?

As Slovenia is a comparatively small country, you might not know much about it and its citizens. What are Slovenian mail order wives’ characteristics that draw the attention of thousands of foreigners? Generally speaking, they are possessors of a beautiful soul and attractive appearance. But let’s talk about it in more detail!


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The Appearance of a Slovenian Girl for Marriage

If you have ever seen Slovenian women, you might know that they possess fascinating and diverse beauty. And what is the best about their appearance is that it’s all-natural. Pretty Slovenian girls prefer to cherish the unique features they have rather than wear tons of makeup and do plastic surgeries to fit beauty standards on social media or wherever else.

On the streets of Slovenia, you can meet many beauties with shiny blonde, light brown, or brown hair, sharp facial features, and sexy figures. Their expressive eyes and captivating smile can mesmerize anyone. There is no wonder why foreigners are actively seeking Slovenian brides.

The Best Trait of Slovenian Women

Once you get to know sexy Slovenian ladies for marriage a little bit closer, you will see that they possess both inner and outer beauty. They have many qualities that men value in brides, but we want to tell you about the most common among all females in Slovenia.

Openness to People

Slovenian brides for marriage easily meet new people, as they’re very talkative and social. It takes very little time to start an engaging conversation with one of Slovenia brides, as they’re open to talking about anything. Such ability to get along with everybody attracts people to local women. Communication with a bride from Slovenia is always pleasant and not stressful at all.

Independence and Self-Confidence 

Modern women in Slovenia know who they are and what they deserve. They used to work hard to reach their goals and provide everything for a happy life. Every single woman in Slovenia put herself first, which is one of the reasons for their high self-esteem and charisma. Another reason for this is the Slovenians’ national love of gossiping about each other. When you constantly hear different opinions and judgments, you get used to it and don’t care what people around think of you.

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Cheerfulness and Kindness

Everyone who has ever met Slovenian mail-order brides will tell you that locals are very positive people. They smile at strangers on the street and are always ready to help anybody. Men who date a bride from Slovenia always feel their hospitality and cheerfulness in relationships. Their captivating smile and active manner of speaking can make everyone a little bit happier.

Mentality and Lifestyle

There are some common things with any citizen of Slovenia, which are also a part of their culture and lifestyle. As an example, all locals are obsessed with winter sports and hiking. Almost every family goes skiing in winter and hiking in warmer seasons. This obsession is also a secret for the fit bodies of most Slovenian women.

Talking about the typical relationships between a woman and a man, gender equality takes place in any modern couple. However, hot Slovenian girls for marriage still tend to choose a man who will lead, as they want to see a strong and reliable partner next to them.

The family has a high priority for most hot Slovenian women, but they also don’t quit a job after marriage. These wonderful women can brilliantly keep a balance between managing the household, raising kids, and a full-time job. However, a man usually participates in managing house chores too.

Why Are Foreigners Dating Slovenian Women?

Those who are interested in finding a Slovenian mail order bride may wonder what makes them special and desired? Do Slovenian women for sale make good wives? Well, we can say beforehand that they are amazing women for long-term relationships and marriage. But to assure you that women of Slovenia are worth choosing, we listed 5 key reasons to marry a woman from Slovenia. Let’s check it out.

Slovenian Mail Order Brides Are Open-Minded

The first thing that needs to be noted is that modern brides from Slovenia are open-minded. Such brides can love you the way you are, with all imperfections. They will respect your point of view and not make a scene if they do not agree. Brides from Slovenia stay honest and straightforward in any situation, especially when they choose a partner for their whole life. That’s why if the woman stays with you, know that she likes you and doesn’t want to change anything about you. 

They Are Supportive Partners

Locals are extremely helpful and supportive, especially to their beloved ones. When a partner of a Slovenian lady meets problems, he totally can rely on her help. The girl wouldn’t refuse to help even if she is at loggerheads with her partner. Being a couple with a Slovenian mail order wife means going through all difficulties together. You will feel her support even at the early stage of your relationship.

They Are Attentive and Gentle

If you are actively seeking a wife who will always stay attentive, romantic, and caring, a bride from Slovenia is the best choice. These women prefer to stay feminine in marriage and show their love in different ways, from cooking delicious food to arranging a romantic evening together. Their romantic nature helps to create a peaceful atmosphere at home and build happy relationships.

Also, they are good mothers and love to take care of kids. With Slovenian beautiful women, it is really easy to build a strong family, raise children together and live peacefully.

They Are Funny and Easy-Going

Another characteristic of foreign men like Slovenian brides is their humor and positive attitude to life. Many people consider a good sense of humor as an important trait for a future partner. And we agree with it, as building serious relationships is much easier with a funny person. At the start of a relationship, a good joke can help to feel comfortable with each other, but in a marriage, it also helps to go through a hard time, and solve problems and conflicts. That’s why it makes Slovenian mail order brides even more attractive.

They Live Their Life to the Fullest

A great thing about Slovenian women for marriage is they don’t focus only on the family. These women always remember about self-care, their hobbies, and friends. They don’t lose the zest for life in constant worries about children and house chores. Meet hot Slovenian women easily combine married life with different activities they like. They like dressing up and meeting friends in cafes, gossiping about others, hiking, skiing, traveling, or studying new hobbies. Such rest from daily routine and an easy-going attitude to life make family life even happier and feel stronger.

Guide on How to Meet Slovenian Girl

Any Slovenian wife finder should learn some facts about these women to successfully date them. Where do they usually spend time and what is a perfect partner for them look like? Answers to this question will help you to easily find a Slovenian bride and win her heart. Let’s start by figuring out where to meet Slovenian beautiful brides.

Where to Find Beautiful Slovenian Women

It is obvious that the two main ways to find Slovenian girl are seeking online and offline. Talking about meeting women in real life, it can be problematic if you’re not in Slovenia, as the population of this country is not big at all. However, for those who are in Slovenia now, here is a list of the best places to meet Slovenian singles:

  • Cafes. If you think that you go to cafes a lot, look at an average Slovenian person. They choose this destination for any kind of meeting and also like to sit there alone enjoying a cup of coffee. 
  • Bars. Bars are worth choosing if you want to meet someone on the weekends, as on working days there are very few people. Making friends here is extremely easy, as locals become even more talkative after some drinks.
  • Hiking clubs. As we mentioned earlier, it is one of the favorite activities for locals. That’s why if you want to enjoy the nature of Slovenia and meet some beautiful fit women, find a hiking club and join a “trail family”.

For those who are not, the best option is to meet Slovenian wives online. Nowadays, there are dozens of marriage agencies and dating platforms that help men and women looking for love meet people all around the world. This is much cheaper than traveling and lets you communicate with beauties without leaving your home.

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Many single Slovenian women for sale who want to find a foreign partner use such companies. A key to successful dating is to choose a trustworthy agency that has positive reviews from previous clients. Search for some reviews on the Internet, we are sure you will find something worth your attention.

Why Slovenian Brides Seek Foreigners

Slovenian women like local men, as they are handsome and have the same mentality. However, there are many Slovenians on the international dating scene too. Why are Slovenian women looking for marriage to foreigners? The reasons are simple and may be the same as yours.

First of all, the population of Slovenia is only 2,1 million people and the share of women citizens is lower than the share of men. That’s why it is natural for Slovenian women to actively seek relationships with foreigners. And besides, almost every bride usually can speak English and several more foreign languages, like Croatian or Serbian.

Secondly, gorgeous Slovenian women are open-minded and like new experiences. Cultural differences don’t scare them, as these women can handle any problems with their easy-going personality.

Looking at these two factors, any foreigner has a good chance to meet beautiful single women from Slovenia. There is no need in answering questions like “do Slovenian women like American men?”. They see foreign men in the same way they see locals and don’t expect anything other than meeting true love.

Slovenian girl

Tips on Impressing a Slovenian Woman

If you have serious intentions to meet your love in Slovenia, learning some tips on dating local women is essential. What should you do to impress a Slovenian lady online? Slovenians are amazing conservationists and talking with them is always a pleasure. However, we want to give you some general tips that help to make a good impression.

  • Be confident and polite. For brides from Slovenia, it is important to feel the confidence of a potential partner. They expect men to lead in relationships and show support. Reveal yourself in this way on the first date and a bride will definitely become interested in you.
  • Show that you are a gentleman. Little gestures of care and love to your partner are always a good idea if you want to impress a bride. Slovenians have a quite romantic nature and like to see that a man cares a lot about his lady.
  • Ask her about her hometown. As they live in a small country with which most foreigners aren’t familiar, it is a good topic to talk about on a date. Especially Slovenians would love to tell you about their hometown, as usually, they know everything about what’s going on there. People in Slovenia like gossiping, which guarantees that your conversation will be interesting.
  • Slovenians like to talk about their culture. Another thing Slovenian mail order wives would love to share with you is their culture and lifestyle. In this way, you can find out much more about a bride you talk to. Slovenian women’s interests and lifestyle are usually connected to culture and local habits like hiking every summer or watching winter sports.

Wedding Traditions of Slovenia

Wedding and dating culture usually has some unique traditions and customs in any country. If you have never seen Slavic traditions, Slovenian ones would look unusual to you too. Women are seeking American men do not always want to leave their country or at least would like to follow some traditions in the wedding ceremony. Let’s take a look at the typical wedding ceremony and following rituals.

Attire and Wedding Ceremony

Slovenian finance will usually choose a classic white wedding dress instead of national clothes. They also have a rule for a groom to not look at a bridal dress until the marriage. An important thing for any Slovenian mail order bride online is to have a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It is usually kept by bridesmaids as guests can try to steal it until midnight. 

It is common for Slovenian woman to marry twice. The reason is that a religious ceremony in the church isn’t recognized as an official marriage and every couple should organize a marriage held by a governmental official. Only in this way can you get a marriage certificate issued by the Registry Office.

Wedding Rituals and Traditions

Any wedding in Slovenia will be rich in engaging activities with the participation of all guests, a bride, and a groom. One of the most popular is Bride’s Kidnapping, which is also popular in Eastern European countries. But in Slovenia, it is not only about demanding a ransom from a groom’s family. Usually, some guests dress like a bride and try to confuse the groom. It is amazing entertainment, indeed.

Another popular tradition is to throw rice during a wedding ceremony and reception. Before the newlyweds leave a banquet for a wedding night, guests can count how many pieces of rice remain on the bride’s hair. The number of rice symbolizes how many children newlyweds will have.

One thing that should be noted is that the legal age for marriage in Slovenia is 18 years old for both men and women. But the average age for a Slovenian bride for sale is 34 years old. The reason for this is that Slovenians prefer to live together for a while before getting married to understand if they fit each other or not.

Differences Between Slovenian Girls and American Girls

When talking about Slovenian women and girls from the US, there are some key differences. With Slovenian ladies, you get very natural people who are spontaneous. Girls from the US love to have a variety of plastic surgeries to hide their insecurities. You will also find Slovenian women are much more open with strangers. It is super easy to start a conversation with a Slovenian girl. American girls can be reluctant to chat with people they do not know very well. In the US, trust can sometimes be an issue for females, but Slovenian ladies are trusting with everyone they meet. 

Another thing that separates the two females is that Slovenian women love the idea of working hard. The same can not always be said about American ladies. Many US girls may work, but they are not interested in working hard at home. Slovenian females have a love of family, so they are willing to do anything possible to make things work. They also possess a very open mind. With Slovenian mail order brides, they will not find anything impossible; they are positive thinking in all ways. There is not much better than an optimistic woman in your life. This is what you get with a Slovenian bride. 

If you are searching for an easy to get along with partner, look no further than Slovenian women. They are very laid back but will never procrastinate in life; if something needs to be done, they will complete the task. Women from the United States can be tense and self-centered, which is the opposite of ladies from the Balkan countries. Whereas US females can be a little harsh with their behavior at times, ladies from Slovenia are very soft and gentle. They love to live a romantic life, with kindness and love as the centerpiece. There is little doubt that when you have a Slovenian girl in your life, you will be more content than ever before. 

Slovenian Girl for Marriage

Find Slovenian Mail Order Brides Online 

As Slovenian women are such hot property in dating establishments, it is always good to know how to impress these ladies. Most people nowadays use dating sites to meet their ideal partner. So to get Slovenian brides online, there are some tips that must be followed. The list below breaks down these tips:

  • The first thing that must be done is to locate a reliable dating website. This is essential and will make sure that you are not wasting your time with untrustworthy Slovenian brides. 
  • Then it is important to add details about yourself, including lovely photos which will present yourself to gorgeous Slovenian women. A good profile page will draw lots of eyes, and this is what is required for success. 
  • Enter chat rooms and start chatting with girls. Chat rooms are a fantastic place to break the ice with strangers and see if there is a connection. There are also lots of choices of Slovenian girls, which is good news for men. 
  • Once a good connection is made on a dating platform, it is a good idea to request a video chat. This is a fantastic way to have a one-on-one session with a Slovenian woman you admire. 
  • To impress the lady you like even more, you can send virtual gifts through the dating website. This is a way to make sure the girl knows you like her. Many Slovenian ladies enjoy surprises, so a girl will be an excellent way to seduce them.
  • Once you have been chatting for some time and are ready to take your relationships to the next level, arrange a meeting. It is an excellent idea to meet face to face and find out how you get on. 

If you follow these tips, we are sure you will have much success with females from Slovenia. These girls are worth all the effort as they offer much in return. To find a Slovenian wife is the ultimate goal of many American singles. There is no doubt that dating establishments can assist in this dream coming to reality. To have a wife from Slovenia will be a pleasure for many men from the US.

Bottom Line

We find Slovenian brides wonderful and worthy of your attention. If you feel lonely and want to find a cheerful person who will be loyal and supportive, start dating a Slovenian woman online. With mail order brides agencies it is easy to buy Slovenian lady who is ready for serious relationships. These women become perfect wives who will love you for a whole life.


Where to Get Beautiful Slovenian Girls?

Slovenian women love to date foreigners and frequently use different dating apps and platforms. It is the easiest way to meet gorgeous single ladies who are ready for marriage. We also recommend choosing reliable marriage agencies that help to choose the best woman for you.

Are Slovenian Women Easy?

As Slovenian mail order brides are very talkative and easy-going, there is no problem meeting them. However, a Slovenian woman would not agree to a serious relationship after just one date. They need some time to get to know a potential partner better and decide if they fit each other.

How Loyal Are Slovenian Brides?

Locals prefer to build strong relationships and don’t waste time on men for whom they don’t have any feelings. That’s why they are very loyal and put all their effort to make your life together happier.

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