Vietnamese Brides: a Guide to Finding a Wife from Vietnam

A considerable number of single men prefer Vietnamese mail order brides due to their renowned beauty and wisdom. For many men, the image of a slim, graceful woman comes to mind when they think of a Vietnamese mail order bride. However, what other characteristics are typical of Vietnamese single ladies? How can a foreign man understand and win the heart of one of these incredible Vietnamese girls for marriage? Check our guide and learn all you need to know.

❤️ Success Marriage Rate89%
Popular Vietnamese cities with bridesHo Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang
⌛ Average age at marriage22 – 24 y.o
Cost of Vietnamese mail order bridesread
Average divorce rate among marriages to Vietnamese brides11%

What are Vietnamese women becoming Mail Order Brides these days?

Best Sites To Find Vietnamese Women

In today’s increasingly globalized world, Vietnamese mail-order brides provide authentic insights into their experiences, expectations, and challenges. To better understand them, we connected with five Vietnamese women for marriage who are eager to share their unique perspectives and experiences.

“What kind of women are modern Vietnamese mail-order brides and what is the public opinion in Vietnam about mail-order brides?”

“Xin Chào, I would say we’re not so different from any other woman. We’re hardworking, caring, and want the best for our families. However, due to certain economic and social pressures, many of us consider becoming Vietnamese mail-order brides. The public opinion varies. Some people understand our reasons, while others believe in misconceptions and stereotypes.”

— Hoàng Mai, a 24-year-old Vietnamese mail-order bride from Hanoi.

“What are the challenges faced by modern Vietnamese mail-order brides?”

“Hello there! Becoming a Vietnamese bride isn’t always smooth sailing. We face cultural misunderstandings, language barriers, and a host of other issues. Not to mention, adapting to a new culture can be overwhelming. But, with patience and understanding from our partners, these challenges can be overcome.”

— Nguyen Phuong, a 28-year-old Vietnamese bride from Da Nang who met her husband online.

“Is it legal to use mail-order bride sites (dating sites) to find and date a woman from Vietnam?”

“Chào bạn! Yes, it’s perfectly legal, both in Vietnam and in the United States. As Vietnamese women, we willingly register on these platforms seeking potential partners. However, it’s essential to use reputable platforms to avoid any problems.”

— Lê Thi Kim, a 30-year-old Vietnamese woman for marriage from Ho Chi Minh City.

“What are the legal aspects associated with the industry of Vietnamese mail-order brides?”

“Xin Chào! There are laws in place to protect us. In Vietnam, for instance, dating sites must meet certain requirements, and in the US, there’s the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act. But it’s still important for us to be informed and cautious.”

— Pham Linh, a 26-year-old Vietnamese-born mail-order bride from Hai Phong.

“Explain the motivations and reasons why Vietnamese women become mail-order brides?”

“Hello! There are a variety of reasons. Some of us are seeking love, others are seeking better living conditions, and many of us are just curious about life in other countries. Each of us has a unique reason, but in the end, we all share a common goal – finding a caring and understanding partner.”

— Tran Huyen, a 32-year-old successfully married mail-order wife from Vietnam.

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How to find Vietnamese Brides?

Meeting Vietnamese mail-order brides can be a thrilling experience, with various options available to Western men eager to tie the knot with these charming ladies. This section will explore three popular strategies: traveling to Vietnam, contacting a Vietnamese marriage agency, and using Vietnamese mail-order bride sites.

1. Travel to Vietnam and meet Vietnamese brides in person.

Meeting Vietnamese brides in person offers a hands-on approach to understanding Vietnamese culture and building a personal connection. Here are the top three cities to meet these lovely women:

  • Hanoi: The capital city has vibrant nightlife with many social gatherings. Visit popular spots like the Old Quarter or Hoan Kiem Lake, where many single Vietnamese women enjoy spending time.
  • Ho Chi Minh City: Known for its fast-paced life, this bustling city offers numerous social events and public gatherings where one could meet potential Vietnamese brides.
  • Da Nang: This coastal city is popular among younger Vietnamese ladies. Try visiting the My Khe Beach or local coffee shops to meet potential partners.

A rough estimate for a two-week trip to Vietnam may include:

  • Round-trip flight: $900-$1300
  • Lodging (Hotel): $20-$50 per night
  • Food: $10-$15 per day
  • Local Transportation: $5-$10 per day
  • Entertainment: $10-$20 per day

The total estimated cost ranges from $1800-$2500. However, language barriers and cultural differences might present challenges during the trip.

2. Contact a marriage agency and select Vietnamese girls from brides catalogs.

International marriage agencies offer a plethora of Vietnamese brides’ catalogs. Their services may include matchmaking, arranging meetings, and facilitating communication. Costs vary widely depending on the agency, but you might expect to pay between $3000-$8000. However, ensure to select a reputable agency to avoid scams and fraud.

3. Use Vietnamese mail-order bride sites to find a Vietnamese wife online.

Mail-order bride websites provide an opportunity to meet Vietnamese women from the comfort of your home. You can engage in online chats, browse through profiles of Vietnamese ladies for marriage, and even use video call features for a more intimate connection.

A premium subscription to a dating site could range from $30-$50 per month. Be aware of potential language barriers and the possibility of running into non-genuine profiles.

Whether you prefer exploring Vietnamese cities, employing professional matchmaking services, or using online platforms, all paths can lead to finding a Vietnamese woman ready for a loving, committed relationship.

Vietnamese Brides

8 facts you need to know about Vietnamese Mail Order Brides

Vietnamese women differ in many ways from women from other countries. Of course, the characters of ladies may differ, but there are still some characteristics that are considered typical for single Vietnamese women.

  1. Family is important to Vietnamese brides, and they prioritize their loved ones above all else. A typical Vietnamese girl for marriage puts her family first. She has a strong sense of family and dreams about love and security. As we have mentioned before, these brides want to get married and start a family. They long to have children and raise them. The family environment often comes; first, it is greatly important. When a wealthy man marries a poorer Vietnamese woman, it is common to support her family.
  2. When it comes to marriage, Vietnamese girls are known for their loyalty and commitment to their partners. The pronounced desire for security and family explains why Vietnamese women are very loyal. Once they have found a man with whom they can spend their lives, this love can hardly be endangered. They do everything they can to keep the man in their lives and grow old with him.
  3. A Vietnamese bride is not only beautiful but also embraces her femininity with grace and elegance. Due to their Snow White look, Vietnamese women are perceived by many people as beautiful. As we have mentioned, they have a petite, slender body, light skin, and dark, shiny hair. Men often consider Vietnamese ladies very attractive for marriage, as they are feminine, elegant, and natural.
  4. Vietnamese brides take great care of their appearance, ensuring they always look their best for their partners. Many Vietnamese brides are very beautiful and attach great importance to their appearance. Because of this, cosmetics such as creams or perfume are particularly popular in Vietnam. Personal care is also given great attention. Sweat or dirty clothing is a sign of hard and hard work in Vietnam. The ever-growing and richer middle class want to distance itself from it.
  5. Diligence is a defining quality of Vietnamese brides, as they approach their relationships and responsibilities with utmost dedication and hard work. Vietnamese brides are described as extremely hardworking women. In addition to work, they often take care of the household and reconcile jobs and family, but the family comes first. Most women try to do their best everywhere.
  6. Cooking is a great strength of Vietnamese brides, who excel in preparing delicious meals for their families and loved ones. Most Vietnamese women for sale can cook very well. Whether it is the Vietnamese national dish “Pho” (soup with rice noodles, vegetables, and meat), Banh Mi (baguette sandwich), or summer rolls (unfried spring rolls), Vietnamese women master even the most complicated dishes, which makes their husbands really happy.
  7. Public opinion holds significance for Vietnamese brides, and they are mindful of how their actions and choices are perceived by society. Vietnamese brides in the USA attach great importance to public opinion and always make sure not to lose a good reputation. They react cautiously to conflicts that arise and make sure to solve problems with calm and serenity. In hardly any situation do Vietnamese women lose their smiles or are irritated. In the event of a dispute or possible communication difficulties, it is important to avoid escalation and face women patiently and understandingly. Disputes should be addressed calmly and clarified with respect.
  8. Vietnamese brides tend to be reserved and conservative, valuing traditions and cultural norms. If a man wants to get to know a Vietnamese bride, he should be patient and give her time. They do not well receive intrusiveness and flirting. Serious interest should be carefully signaled. In addition to attention, patience, and compliments, small gifts can also help get the woman’s attention.
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mail order brides from Vietnam

Interview with Asian Mail Order Bride 🔥

Hey Mei Lin! What made you think about being a bride through this international thing?

Hey! Life's big, right? I wanted to connect with someone who digs different cultures, someone to vibe with on this crazy journey.

Cool! Any speed bumps so far?

Sure thing! Language was a bit of a head-scratcher, but it's like learning a killer dance move. Takes time, but once you get it, it's a blast.

Nice analogy! What's your checklist for a potential partner?

Kindness is my jam. Someone who's cool with traditions, cracks jokes, and is down to grow together. Life's a party, you know?

Totally get that! And the big one – would you jet off to another country for love?

Absolutely! Love's a wild ride, and if it means packing my bags for someone special, I'm all in.

How to get a Vietnamese mail order bride online?

Getting a Vietnamese mail-order bride involves more than just signing up for a dating service. Here’s a five-step guide to help you find your perfect match:

  1. Find and Choose a Trusted Vietnamese Mail-order Bride Website: Start by researching reputable Vietnamese mail-order sites like EasternHoneys and AsianMelodies. Look for a site with positive reviews, good privacy policies, and a large user base of Vietnamese ladies. This ensures a broader and more authentic selection of potential brides.
  2. Register and Create a Catchy Profile: Next, register on your chosen site. Create a compelling profile detailing your interests, lifestyle, and what you’re looking for in a Vietnamese bride. An appealing profile will attract more women in Vietnam and increase your chances of finding a match.
  3. Browse Girls’ Profiles and Connect with Marriage-Oriented Vietnamese Women: Use the site’s search and filter features to find profiles of local Vietnamese ladies interested in marriage. Send them interests or likes to initiate conversation.
  4. Communicate and Interact Online with Real Girls from Vietnam: Take advantage of the site’s communication tools like chat, video calls, or email to connect with potential Vietnamese brides. Ask about their life, interests, and expectations to gauge compatibility.
  5. Plan a Visit to Meet Your Potential Vietnamese Mail-order Bride: Once you’ve established a connection with a Vietnamese girl, plan a trip to Vietnam to meet her in person. It’s a crucial step in solidifying your relationship and understanding your compatibility better.

How Do You Impress a Beautiful Vietnamese Woman for Marriage?

The fact that most women want to leave the country may make you think that the hot Vietnamese girls are willing to bribe you only for a ticket abroad. But it’s wrong: these ladies are looking for love, just like you. These practical tips will show you the right way to win the heart of one of the local ladies:

  • Stay traditional. The modernized approach to dating is not widespread in Vietnam. So if you are a little old-fashioned, you will get further than you think. Romantic dates and flowers are a must and show a man from his romantic side, which is a plus.
  • Take it slow. It takes time for a Vietnamese woman to open. They are naturally shy and modest. Don’t push a bride if she’s not ready yet; otherwise, you will just scare her away.
  • Find the similarities. The more you have in common, the better. Nevertheless, you have to discuss many topics to find out what opinions you share (if any). Don’t try to focus on the differences, even if there are many.
  • Talk about the future. A Vietnamese woman wants to be sure that this relationship is worth something. Therefore, the best strategy is to gain their attention and trust when telling her your future plans.

How to avoid the Vietnamese mail order bride scam?

While seeking a Vietnamese bride online, it’s crucial to avoid scams prevalent on dating platforms. Here are four types of scams you may encounter and how to stay safe:

  1. Detecting Catfishing Scams among Vietnamese Girls: Catfishing involves someone pretending to be a different person online. Be cautious if a Vietnamese lady’s profile seems too perfect, with professional photos or life stories that seem too good to be true. Always verify the authenticity of the person you’re communicating with.
  2. Understanding Phishing Scams on Mail-order Brides from Vietnam Sites: Phishing scams involve tricking users into revealing sensitive information, such as bank details. If a local Vietnamese lady sends you a link that requires entering personal information, avoid clicking it. Always protect your personal information and be careful with links and attachments.
  3. Preventing Advanced Fee Fraud Scam on Vietnamese Mail Order Sites: In this scam, women in Vietnam may ask for money upfront for travel costs or visas. Be aware that legitimate individuals would not ask for money from someone they just met online. Do not send money or share financial information with anyone you meet online.
  4. Recognizing Romance Scams when Seeking a Woman for Marriage from Vietnam: In romance scams, fraudsters establish a relationship with their victims and then ask for money citing various emergencies. Be skeptical of sudden requests for financial assistance or sob stories that pull at your heartstrings.
Vietnamese Wives

How much does a Vietnamese mail order wife cost?

Understanding the costs associated with finding a Vietnamese mail-order bride is essential for planning your endeavor. However, it’s important to clarify that you can’t legally buy a wife from Vietnam, as human trafficking is illegal. Instead, this guide refers to the expenses related to the process of finding and marrying a Vietnamese bride.

Here’s a table that offers an estimation of the various costs:

Types of ExpensesLow CostMiddle CostHigh Cost
Dating Site Membership (3-6 months)$30-$60: Basic Membership$60-$120: Standard Membership$120-$240: Premium Membership
Air Tickets to Vietnam$500-$800: Economy Class$800-$1200: Business Class$1200-$2500: First Class
Lodging (2 weeks)$200-$400: Budget Hotels$400-$800: Mid-range Hotels$800-$1500: Luxury Hotels
Food (2 weeks)$50-$100: Self-Cooking$100-$200: Street Food$200-$400: Restaurant Meals
Entertainment (2 weeks)$50-$100: Basic Activities$100-$200: Standard Activities$200-$400: Premium Activities
Transportation (2 weeks)$20-$50: Public Transport$50-$100: Taxi Services$100-$200: Private Driver
The cost of a Vietnamese mail order bride.

In addition to these costs, there may be extra expenses related to marrying a Vietnamese woman, depending on your plans:

  • Traditional Vietnamese Wedding: This can range from $1,000 to $20,000 depending on the size and extravagance of the wedding.
  • Paperwork and Marriage Registration in Vietnam: This usually costs around $200-$300, including notary fees.
  • Return Tickets to the U.S. for Two: Depending on the class, the cost may range from $1,000 to $5,000.
  • Visa Processing for the Vietnamese Bride: The K-1 visa costs around $2,025, including medical examinations and other associated fees.

Considering these expenses, your budget can range from a modest $1,000 to a more extravagant $30,000 or more, depending on your choices and preferences in each category.

Single Vietnamese women for marriage

How to bring your Vietnamese bride to the USA?

After tying the knot with your Vietnamese bride, you may want to bring her to the U.S. Here’s a detailed guide on how to secure a visa for your Vietnamese wife and commence the immigration process.

  1. Identify the Appropriate Visa Type:
    • If you’re married: Apply for the IR1 or CR1 visa, both intended for spouses of U.S. citizens.
    • If you’re engaged and plan to marry in the U.S.: Apply for the K-1 Fiancée Visa.
  2. Complete the Visa Application:
    • Fill out Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, for an IR1/CR1 visa or Form I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiancé(e), for a K-1 Visa.
  3. Compile Required Documents: Include proof of relationship (e.g., marriage certificate), evidence of financial ability to support the spouse, passport-style photos, and medical examination reports among others.
  4. Submit the Application: Mail your application to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and pay the filing fees ($535 for Form I-130 and $510 for Form I-129F as of 2021).
  5. Attend a Visa Interview: Your Vietnamese wife needs to attend a visa interview at the U.S. embassy in Vietnam.

Supporting your Vietnamese wife on adaptation to her new life

After your Vietnamese bride enters the U.S., she can apply for a Green Card to become a permanent resident. This process involves filing Form I-485, attending another interview, and passing a biometrics test. After maintaining residency for three years, she can apply for U.S. citizenship through naturalization.

After the move to the U.S., your Vietnamese wife may face cultural adaptation challenges. Here’s how to help her navigate this transition:

  • Helping your Vietnamese spouse understand different views on gender roles: Vietnamese culture may have distinct views on gender roles, affecting your Vietnamese wife’s expectations of marriage and family. For instance, traditional Vietnamese households have men as primary earners, while women handle domestic affairs. In contrast, U.S. society encourages more balanced roles. Encourage open dialogues about these expectations and establish mutual respect for each other’s perspectives.
  • Supporting your wife from Vietnam in future planning and decision making: With a significantly different lifestyle, your Vietnamese bride may struggle with future planning, such as career choices or financial decisions. Ensure to involve her in these decisions, explaining the reasoning behind each choice, and valuing her input.
  • Assisting your Vietnamese wife with different career priorities: The U.S. places significant emphasis on career development, which might differ from what your Vietnamese wife is accustomed to. Help her explore her career options, learn about employment laws, and understand her rights as an employee.
  • Facilitating family and social acceptance for your Vietnamese spouse: Integration into a new social circle might be overwhelming for your Vietnamese wife. Connect her with Vietnamese communities, encourage her to participate in social events, and introduce her to your friends and family gradually.
  • Boosting your Vietnamese bride’s health and emotional well-being: Adjusting to a new environment can take a toll on your Vietnamese wife’s emotional health. Regular check-ins on her emotional well-being, promoting a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a healthy sleep schedule will facilitate her physical and emotional adjustment.


Vietnamese mail-order brides have been in existence for a long time and have gained popularity in recent years. It is important to understand that Vietnamese women are not submissive or solely interested in financial stability. Instead, they are looking for a partner who is kind, supportive, and loving. While language barriers can be a challenge, modern technology has made communication easier. Vietnamese women are independent and driven, and they bring this same ambition to their relationships and marriages. By recognizing and respecting these cultural differences, Western men and Vietnamese mail-order brides can build strong and loving relationships that last a lifetime.

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