Best Countries To Find A Wife

Who has not imagined traveling and meeting the foreign brides of their dreams? There are many countries in the world that are home to the most beautiful, loving, caring women. So why shouldn’t you look for love overseas? Or at least choose one of the many online dating sites to look for a wife abroad.

If you want to fall in love with someone from another culture or wonder what is the best country to find a wife, this article is for you.

Why Looking For a Foreign Wife?

Luckily, there are still plenty of people who are willing to try and find foreign wives regardless of the potential partner’s country of origin. So if you are considering it or have someone who is interested at the moment, you may want to consider the following pros and cons of doing it. And if you have the opportunity, do it. In the worst case scenario, you’ll get valuable experience. In the best case, you’ll have a loving woman you can spend your life with!

Pros of Dating Foreign Brides

Looking for a foreign wife, whether it’s on a dating site or in real life, has a number of advantages that make this idea extremely appealing. It’s these things that successful marriages are based on. Here are some of them.

New Insights

Obviously, dating foreign brides is a way of automatically opening yourself up to new things, stories, and experiences. This engages both of you in a kind of ongoing inquiry into each other’s family life and culture, which could result in a great relationship. Also, this feeling of surprise definitely adds an interesting element and makes it quite fun. 

An Interesting Experience

We’re not saying you can’t pull this off with a person from your country (in fact, it’s quite possible). But the fact that your date is from somewhere else certainly adds to the magic. Starting a family life with someone with whom you feel good but who belongs to a “different world” has a lot of benefits. It makes conversations not boring and allows having discussions that might completely change your viewpoint. At the end of the day, if you find a wife abroad, it can change you a lot as a person. Getting out of the traditional space a bit helps a lot with that. 

You Can Rediscover Your Own Country

You’ll inevitably want to show her your country and the area you live in. In a certain way, it will also help you become more interested in that type of trips and in enjoying more of the magic that exists around you. If you find a wife abroad, you’ll also have the opportunity to discover other places, but it’s quite special to take pride in your place of origin, creating interesting adventures.

Countries To Find A Wife

Cons of Dating Foreign Brides

Just like any venture, this one has its disadvantages. Here are some you might face.

The Possibility of Relocation

This might actually be an advantage, depending on how you look at it (and it might never happen). However, it’s a possibility that because she’s from another country and doesn’t want to leave it, there might be a talk of relocation. Sure, you might find a wife who wants to move to your country and live in your place. But that might mean she’ll have to travel back from time to time and that her family will want to come over too, which is quite understandable. That’s something Western bachelors and their future wives need to consider. 

Language Barrier

This does not apply if you find a wife who speaks the same language as you. Or if you are using a dating site where they usually offer translation services.

If you go out with a woman who speaks a language other than your own, and neither of you have a perfect command of one in which you can fully understand each other, there can be quite a few problems. 

Not only is this due to the obvious and simple communication problems, but in the long run, it can mean difficulty expressing yourself clearly or even understanding some of the other person’s ideas. This barrier is due to other cultural differences and so on. 

However, this can be overcome with a little bit of time and effort. 

Cultural Differences

More difficult than the language is the culture, the differences that can exist between the two, and the shock that it can cause. 

Although, as we already mentioned, there is a good side to knowing more about other places and foreign women. However, cultural differences can become a big problem when they cause all kinds of misunderstandings between partners.

There may be religious aspects or traditions that are uncomfortable or difficult to adapt to, but it is not impossible… unless it really affects you. 

Why You Should Try and Not Think About It too Much

In the end, dating someone from another country isn’t that different from dating someone who lives near you. Communication and respect are what’s important, and if both can appreciate each other’s identity, it can be a very healthy and exciting relationship. We recommend that you start with online dating on one of the international dating sites. Just make sure you choose only reliable mail order bride sites.

international dating sites

Tips for Finding Love in Another Country

If you are completely new to this, the entire experience might be somewhat confusing and even frustrating. However, that’s not a reason to stop looking before you even started. There are a few general rules that can help set you on the right path.

1. Communicate

We already know that it’s the basis of any relationship, but when the two people are from different countries, talking is much more important. It’s crucial that you don’t feel ashamed to explain to your love the things that make you angry or don’t make you feel good, or even that you do not understand. Talking about these things is very normal. Also, this helps make her feel comfortable so that she has the confidence to talk to you without fear.

2. Learn Her Language

It is essential to learn their language. After all, if you want to communicate with your beau, either you speak the same language, or it will be very complicated. You should also make an effort to teach her to speak since she will also be part of your day-to-day life, your family, and your friends. Do your best to learn the language and if you think it’s very difficult or you don’t feel ready, don’t worry. Encourage her to do the same so that you feel more secure. 

3. Know Her Culture

Not only is language important, each country has customs that will be completely unknown to you, but most common for her. The beginnings in love are always difficult, we know, but when different cultures coexist under the same roof, certain compromises are required.

How to Choose the Country to Live in?

It’s very easy for something like this to happen in the world that we live in. Modern technology blurs the borders and makes international dating, traveling, and relocating much easier. You can find a wife faster and with less effort than you think.

Well, yes, it’s likely that after living a love story, you and her will have to follow different paths. But why not choose a destination where you can continue your relationship? When there is love, everything goes. 

Most successful marriages are based on careful planning. You must weigh which of the two nations of origin offers better job opportunities, assess the language you have to speak, what situation each one has at home, and make your choice. Perhaps the sacrifices you make now will translate into successes later. And if not, you can always choose a country halfway.

What Is the Best Country to Find a Wife?

It’s obvious that you can find foreign brides in all the countries of the world, especially now that you have the convenience of online dating. However, there are still some countries that stand out because the beauty of the women who live there is particularly impressive.

By beauty, we don’t only mean physical appearance (even though that’s important too)! Beauty is also found in the characteristic features of the culture, in the way of dressing, or even the way they talk to you. 

Here’s a list of countries with the most attractive women where you can find yourself a partner for life. As always, the choice of the best country to find a spouse is up to you.

best countries to find a wife

Asian Women from Japan

Many men agree that Japan is one of the best countries to find a wife. Although Japanese ladies are extremely shy and reserved at first, they are also very attractive and dress very sexy. They often wear short skirts and light clothing, even in the colder months.

Unlike in many other Asian countries, women here are also highly educated, but the language barrier can be a problem. Not because they don’t speak English, but because they are often too shy to try.

If you are a confident man, you’ll have a good chance to meet wonderful women here because local men are often too lazy and shy to approach women. If you strike up a conversation and are bold enough to act, you might be quite successful in dating Japanese mail order brides. Besides, there are numerous mail order bride sites where you can talk to these ladies from the comfort of your home.

Brazilian Women from Brazil

Brazilian girls are well known for their love of sexy dancing and wild festivals. The most famous in South America and all around the world is, of course, the Rio Carnival or, as it is often called, the Festival of Makeup. That’s when you can easily date 10 girls in one day. 

In Brazilian culture, as in Latin America in general, it’s normal to be close and affectionate. Kissing on the cheek is the most common greeting, and being in someone’s personal space isn’t as taboo as it is in other countries. Brazilian women tend to be very comfortable around men.

Latin women, in general, have a strong sense of family and are generally more emotional and possessive. Brazilian girls are raised to be feminine and do more girly things than the women you can find elsewhere. All these points are very popular with men.

Not all Brazilian mail order brides know English (and even less of other languages). So it can be a challenge if you don’t know Portuguese. But in many cases, you will find that Brazilian women are very tactile, and body language is all you need. If that’s what you like, Brasil is the best country for you.


There is this myth circulating that there are many more women than men in Russia and Eastern Europe. While that’s not wrong, the majority of those Russian women are past the age of romantic dating.

Another myth is that men view women as the “weaker sex”, which is not at all true. On the other hand, local women are rather perceived as the “attractive sex”. Therefore, these Eastern European women do everything in their power to always be on top. Don’t be surprised if you see a Russian girl at the grocery store who looks like she’s dressed to go clubbing!

Unlike in many countries where a Western man can often be a bit feminine and women more in tune with their masculinity, in Russian culture, you will see a strong polarity between femininity and masculinity. Russian girls should always look feminine and be reserved.

Russian mail order brides love a gentleman and expect their men to seduce them with romantic gestures, such as buying flowers, paying expenses, and buying gifts. The man is always expected to pay for outings.

Unlike Western women who value their career above all, these Eastern European girls put love and family above all else. Most Russian girls get married in their early twenties. Once a woman reaches 25, there is usually strong pressure from her family to get married.

This is why the bars and even the streets are full of young single women waiting to be approached. Many of the sexiest athletes in the world also come from Russia and other Slavic countries.

Foreign Wife


Even though Mexico is a very religious country, Mexican women seem to be very open-minded, and sex doesn’t seem to have a huge stigma. Mexican women are also very pretty because, like in all of Latin America, they value their appearance a lot and dress daily as if they were on a date.

As in Brazil, Mexican girls often kiss on the cheek to greet each other and stand very close to each other while talking. This obviously does not mean that there is a sexual intention, but it facilitates contact and builds trust.

It’s a traditional culture, so you’ll have to pay for the date and make sure you’re a gentleman. Mexican mail order brides love to be approached by a charming and confident man, especially if it’s a foreigner who brings a dose of adventure to the interaction. So it’s up to you!


Serbia is a little known destination, and yet it’s home to the most beautiful women! But if you’re heading to Serbia for a brief visit in hopes of a one-night stand, that’s highly unlikely (although it can happen). Indeed, most Serbian women like all women in Eastern Europe are looking for long-term relationships. They are traditional ladies who always focus on education and career.

When you come into contact with a Serbian lady, make sure you are dominant with strong eye contact. They are proud and generally resent someone breaking eye contact during a conversation. Like Russians, Serbian mail order brides love their homeland, so you’ll score points for showing interest in their country.

Don’t miss out on the nightlife while you’re there, as Belgrade has some extravagant bars and even a very cool club on the water.

Foreign Brides

The Philippines

Filipino women are considered by many Westerners to be the most beautiful in all of Asia, and they are very open-minded. Sure, you’ll find plenty of traditional women who just want a boyfriend, but many women are liberated and want to have fun, especially with a non-Asian foreigner. All in all, the Philippines is often considered the best country to find a wife.

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If you’re a handsome Westerner, then don’t be surprised if women look up and smile at you as you walk past them. But it’s rare that they get close to a man, unless they’ve had too much to drink at a party!

The downside is that these Asian women are generally less educated or career-focused than the ladies in some of the European countries on this list. Filipino mail order brides can also be really shy and a bit reserved on a date with hardly any conversation, which is quite common throughout Asia.

Filipino ladies also tend to get attached easily, so be careful how much interest you show them. And don’t be surprised if she brings a friend on your date. It’s common and not always a bad thing.

All of the above makes it one of the best countries to find love.


Moldova is one of Eastern Europe’s hidden gems for those looking for gorgeous women. As this country is not famous for tourism, there’s not much to do, and therefore it’s rare to find places with many foreigners.

This brings a big advantage: it’s easy to get a date because women are intrigued by your culture and why you came to visit their country.

It’s a very traditional culture, even more so than Russia. So don’t expect your very first date to be successful, you’re going to have to make an effort! It’s recommended to act like a gentleman and even to show up with flowers. If not on the first date, then definitely on the 3rd or 4th.

Dates usually include a walk, and this seems to be true for Slavic girls as well. In these countries, even if your date shows up on high heels, mail order brides will want to go for a walk. Of course, you can stop to eat and drink, but women like to take long walks.

Unlike in the Philippines, where a woman is happy to return to your air-conditioned apartment immediately to escape the sweltering heat, don’t expect a Moldovan to come home with you on the first or even second date.

Moldova is a very poor place for quick flings, but it’s a great place to find a very beautiful woman who will get attached to you. To meet girls, plan to spend a month or two there at least. And keep in mind that even in Chisinau, there is not much to do.

western women


Throughout Latin America, many consider Colombian women to be the most attractive ladies in the world. Colombia has always had a very traditional culture when it comes to dating. You will have to pay whenever you go out and be a gentleman. It’s also quite a macho society, similar to Russia, so expect a wider polarity between masculine and feminine.

Colombian culture is highly sexualized, but Colombian women are neither particularly quick to seduce nor easy. Not all Colombian women are traditional, but in any case, be sure to respect their borders.

Colombian girls are also very passionate. And because of this passion, they can be very jealous, even on a first date. But that passion and craziness can also be good if you keep your encounters fun and exciting. A simple boring dinner will get you nowhere, be more inventive!

Also, make sure to sit side by side when you can because like in Brazil Colombian mail order brides are very sensitive. So do not hesitate to visit Colombia because the prices are low, there is plenty to do, great restaurants, a fantastic culture, and amazingly beautiful girls. Looks like a perfect place to look for the best wives.


There’s a reason why most of the gorgeous brides on Eastern European online dating sites are from Ukraine. Ukrainian women are very beautiful and generally very accessible, especially for Westerners. These Slavic women are also among the best wives you can find in Eastern Europe.

Much like in other countries in Eastern Europe, the culture in Ukraine is more traditional. Dress well, don’t hesitate to bring flowers, and be a gentleman. Go to a restaurant first, then have a drink or take a long walk.

Unlike Western women, most Ukrainian women don’t talk about sex or sexual topics on the first date. So even if the urge is there, take your time and don’t try to integrate sexuality directly into the discussions with Ukrainian girls.


Unfortunately, Africa is rarely thought of as a vacation destination. It’s a shame, however, because African girls are among the most charming, friendly women in the world. Those who get a chance to go to this country in west-central Africa, are never disappointed. These African women are super welcoming, funny, and above all… they are fearless.

There are at least two advantages to dating Cameroonian mail order brides. The first is, of course, the language. In many countries, the language barrier can cause some problems when it comes to seduction. In Cameroon, this is not a problem because these African women speak French. So if you know a little bit of French, you’ll do great. The second advantage is that you are less likely to face competition from other tourists looking for a beautiful date or best wives. You’ll quickly get noticed when you go out at night, and usually, you won’t have to put in much effort to get African women to come and talk to you. 

mail order bride sites

Dominican Republic

Dominican women are the greatest in some respects, so the Dominican Republic is definitely one of the best countries to find a spouse. However, there are only roughly two million possible spouses in this country. Dominican women, on the other hand, are fairly picky. You might have to make an effort to impress them. Make sure you work on your social skills before trying to date a Dominican lady.

But it’s worth it: Dominican women are known for being great at cooking, and they are very diligent in everything they do. They also make modest and quiet spouses, which makes a significant difference for Western men. All this makes them an excellent option when it comes to choosing a foreign wife.

It’s also worth noting that most Dominican women don’t consider local guys suitable spouses. In this country, men, in general, don’t tend to be very ambitious or wealthy. More importantly, they don’t tend to be very faithful either. So if you don’t put a high value on faithfulness in a relationship, a Dominical lady might not be a good choice for you.

Women in the Dominican Republic are definitely among the most beautiful dates and best wives you can find in the Caribbean or South America in general. It’s not difficult to meet women here: the island country is small but has a well-developed infrastructure. There are also several popular tourist hubs.


Thailand is not only one of the Southeast Asian countries where expatriates are the happiest with their romantic life. It’s also one of those where a large part of expatriates date and marry locals. Numerous expats living in Thailand swear it’s one of the best countries to find a life partner. According to them, this is where perfect wives live.

In terms of dating type, you’ll really get a mix here: you’ll have the best of both worlds for casual dating and serious long-term relationships.

This country is probably one of the best options when it comes to looking for a foreign wife. Thailand has a lot to offer. Amazing nature, fascinating history and culture, and a great number of beautiful ladies. Because it’s a developing country and there’s a large number of single ladies, Thailand attracts many Western men in search of a life partner. Besides, local girls are very interested in dating foreigners.

There are downsides as well. First and foremost, it’s the language barrier: not many Thai girls speak English, and the Thai language might be difficult to learn for a westerner. The second problem you might face is cultural differences. Thai culture is quite unique and very different from Western culture. Luckily, none of these two problems is unsurmountable. 

As soon as you learn more about these Asian women, you’ll find they possess lots of great qualities. The obvious one is that they are very beautiful, and even at an older age, they look fairly young. Thai ladies take special care looking after their skin and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. What’s more, they are great. Incredibly caring and overall best wives and mothers. 

Besides, most Thai women dream of a better life and don’t mind relocating to their partners’ countries.

Most successful marriages


Are you looking for a very authentic, traditional Asian beauty? Would you like to find a truly loyal wife? Then China is the place to go. Chinese women are petite, sweet, pretty, and classically Asian. They also make best wives because most Chinese ladies are raised to respect and appreciate men as leaders and breadwinners. However, don’t think that all Chinese women are exceptionally obedient. Many women here are treated as princesses and know their worth. Approaching such girls with respect is the way to go.

What you’ll have to keep in mind is that most women who were born and live in China have never been outside the country. This means that it’s likely they don’t know much about your culture. A bigger problem is that it also means they are unlikely to speak your language. This is why dating a Chinese girl might take more effort and time than usual.

Some Chinese girls, especially those living in rural areas, might be extremely shy in a company of a foreigner. Ladies living in larger cities are more open-minded and easygoing. They are also better educated. If you are not afraid of challenges, this might be the best country for you.


Men from Western Europe and the Americas have been interested in visiting Vietnam for a long time now. Many of these men come here to find a beautiful wife among Vietnamese women. Ever since the Vietnam war, mixed marriages have become quite common here. There’s no surprise there: Vietnamese women are incredibly attractive, sweet, and exotic. These Asian girls are soft-spoken, polite, and like all Asian ladies, somewhat shy. Many Western bachelors find these qualities incredibly appealing.

Along with the Philippines and Thailand, Vietnam is one of the most promising destinations for those looking for the most loyal wife. What makes it even more appealing is more than half of Vietnam’s population speaks English. The absence of the language barrier makes Vietnam the best country for some men.


Romanian women have lived for a long time among the Slavic peoples and such countries as Ukraine and Russia. They have a lot in common with Slavic women. Throughout this period, their Latin culture was mixed with Slavic culture. As a result, the mentality of the Romanian girl is somewhat between these two cultures. So if you are looking for the best country to find a wife, this might be it.

However, since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, girls in Romania have had the opportunity to see what is happening in the West. Moreover, because the country not so long ago joined the European Union, Romanian girls have no problem traveling all over Europe and learning about other cultures. So it’s quite likely that cultural differences won’t be a great problem. Besides, many Romanian ladies speak foreign languages such as English, French, or Italian.

If the Romanians are Orthodox, it does not mean that they are conservative, quite the contrary. Among the various inhabitants of Eastern European countries, Romania is undoubtedly one of the countries where local ladies have the lightest morals. But this is especially true for the younger generation, the older generation is much more conservative.

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Not content with being the favorite destination for expatriates of all categories, the Andean country also ranks at the top when it comes to attempts to find a wife. Given that Ecuador ranks among the most welcoming countries for expats, it’s not really surprising to find that more than half of those surveyed are currently in a relationship with Latin American women.

However, expats in Ecuador are not only the happiest married people, they are also the least likely to be in a long-distance relationship with their mail order wives. Even if we often hear that absence stirs up feelings, distance often puts international love to the test. It may well be because they manage to avoid this kind of worry that expatriates in Ecuador are so happy in love!

Summing Up

So are you still thinking of looking for a foreign wife? Stop thinking and start acting! Pick one of the best countries to find amazingly beautiful, affectionate, caring women. They all deserve your love and respect. Who knows? Maybe your journey will end in a happy marriage!


What are the best countries to find a wife?

The United States, Russia, and Japan are often considered some of the best countries to find a wife. In the US, women put a high value on education and career, making them independent and successful in their own right. In Russia, traditional gender roles are still prevalent, with women typically taking on the role of homemaker and caretaker. In Japan, the concept of

Are there any drawbacks to finding a wife from a foreign country?

One potential drawback of finding a wife from a foreign country is the potential language barrier. This can lead to communication difficulties and potentially create tension in the relationship. Additionally, there may be cultural differences that can pose challenges in the marriage. It is important to carefully consider and discuss these potential issues with a partner before committing to a marriage. It may also be necessary to seek outside support, such as couples counseling, to navigate any conflicts that may arise from cultural differences.

What are the benefits of finding a wife from a foreign country?

One potential benefit of finding a wife from a foreign country is the opportunity to experience a different culture and lifestyle. This can lead to personal growth and enrichment in the relationship. Additionally, it may also introduce a fresh perspective and new ways of problem-solving in the marriage. Another potential benefit is the ability to expand one's family and social connections globally. This can open doors for business and personal opportunities in the foreign country or community.

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